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Nov 14, 2011 09:03 AM

Mini lobster rolls

What would you serve lobster salad on as part of a first course cold seafood platter? I ordered it thinking of a mini lobster roll, but a hot dog bun seems too heavy. Crackers? Thank you!

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  1. What about making it a lettuce wrap, secured with a short brochette?

    1. Mini-croissant/brioche to complete your mini roll idea.

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        Agreed, or small parker house rolls. Even the small oven ready rolls you can get in the freezer aisle would work, if you are crunched for time.

      2. Buttered and toasted white-bread rounds.

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        1. How about Cream Puff shells? My mother made them and put cream cheese and green onion mixtures in them for parties. Bet you could stuff lobster salad in there just fine.

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            That would be fantastic! What a great idea.

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              +1 - you could even mix in a little celery seed to the puffs for added flavor if you wanted

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                Has anyone had good luck with frozen cream puff shells? I woudn't even try to attempt to make them from scratch!

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                  I've never used frozen shells but they do freeze well so I wouldn't imagine they would be all that bad (unless the brand is just bad).

                  They really aren't all that hard to make if you're up for trying. I've done them by hand even, no mixer. It's a good thing to have in your arsenal since they can be done ahead, can be sweet or savory, can be flavored easily, and filled with anything.

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                    My mother wrote down all of her recipes in a hard back note book. One day a year or two ago I asked her if I could make a copy. She said that it was destroyed due to pests (they lived in Florida). She just passed away unexpectedly last month, and at the funeral I was telling my brother about the loss of the recipe book. He then tells me that when he went to college in 1989 she handcopied a bunch of her favorite recipes into a spiral bound notebook for him. And he still has it! He photographed every page and sent them to me. I'll be binding them into a recipe book.

                    Here's her puffs recipe, in her own hand:

                    1. re: JohnOort

                      John, I'm very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful gift to have her recipes in her own hand. My husband still talks about not being able to find his mother's recipes after she died so many years later.

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                        Here's a bigger picture that's readable.

                2. How about the frozen mini filo cups? I use them for crab salad sometimes.