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Nov 14, 2011 08:00 AM

Do you have a potato ricer to recommend?

I'm considering one of these, but I'd like to hear from anyone who's got one they really like.

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  1. I use my food mill, I have the Rösle. The food mill is more versatile than a ricer due to size and ability to use different size discs.

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      Hi, Rasputina:

      I have what I think is an OXO, rendered in plastic, with interchangeable disks. It flexes in use like it's gonna break, but it never has.

      Funny, IME both ricers and mills make an inordinate mess with spuds.


    2. Potato ricers work fine for a few potatos, they are a more convenent size, but any more then a couple and you get a lot of potato escaping out the top which frustrates me, I also prefer food mills, but they take up a bit of space.

      1. I have the round one, made in cast aluminum, from Germany. It is also larger than the one you have pictured.

        It has worked very well for the last 25 years. Make sure you have completely peeled the taters as the skin is liable to block the holes. Due to German engineering tolerances, I get very little material past the plunger. And it works fast.

        1. We use a food mill. Much easier with a boatload of tatties. This is the job I assign my hubs during the holiday prep. We have a ricer, but it would be slow going with that quantity.

          1. I also highly recommend a food mill for general versatility. Another major bonus is that you can boil the potatoes with peels on and the mill keeps the peels out of your mash. This is great for two reasons: no peeling (obvious) and you get a fluffier mash because the peels keep the moisture out.