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Nov 14, 2011 06:40 AM

El Nuevo Bohío, East Tremont Bronx

I have been spending a lot of time in the Bronx, mostly the southern tip, working on a photo series. I was finally persuaded to go to this well regarded Puerto-Rican joint. It recently received the NYT treatment

Its good, but there are many similar places scattered throughout the Bronx. El Nuevo however is crowded and feels like a machine, a nice machine, but a machine.

I got the roast pork with rice, beans, and sweet plantains. The pork and plantains where great, the rice and beans not so much. I was hoping for more garlic in the pork. It was juicy with a wonderfully crunchy skin.

The Bronx is a borough of neighborhoods, a series of small interconnected towns. Part of the appeal of the local joints is meeting people and getting great food. The food at El Nuevo Bohio is at the higher end, but the pace is hectic and loud. Not the Bronx I like or know, but the Bronx that seems to get the headlines.

Here are a few of my photos from the Bronx

791 East Tremont Avenue

El Nuevo Bohio
791 E Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10460

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  1. There is an unaffiliated El Nuevo Bohio at 168th and Webster. Its got a better vibe (quieter more local feel) but food is not as good and it still feels a bit like a machine.

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    1. re: driggs

      Ok. Just went back to the one on 168th and webster and the food was awful. Don't go....

      El Nuevo Bohio
      1155 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY 10456

      1. re: driggs

        yes the one on tremont is where to go. you tried the famous garlic sauce you can pour all over the pork right?

        1. re: AubWah

          Funny, I just went this week for the first time to El Neuvo Bohio.

          The pork was delicious, surprisingly juicy, not dried out at all.

          The pork skin very crunchy and good tasting.

          The fresh garlic sauce was amazing!!!!

          I agree about the rice and beans, I have had much better elsewhere.

          I will definitely be going back...

          1. re: AubWah

            Yes, the sauce is pretty good, as is the pork. I went last night again, and the plantains where only so so.

            Don't go to the one on Webster. Its been pretty awful recently.