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Nov 14, 2011 05:54 AM

fall dinner party for four?

my husband and i are having one of my college friends and her boyfriend for dinner tomorrow night and would love ideas/critique on the menu.

no pork, no beef, no mushrooms, no bananas.
husband and i are TIRED of chicken.

so. given that, my plan so far is:

fennel potato soup w/ smoked salmon ( mayy go without the smoked salmon

main course
fish fillets with olives and oregano (
)spicy green salad with manchego and pears (
)creamy rice with lemon, herbs and parm (



what do you think?

i was also considering making a canape they could munch on while i finish dinner, but after typing out this menu, i figured that is *too* much.

also would love suggestions on dessert. cheers!

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  1. Picturing this (nice!) meal I see all light colors-- so, one of those dense flourless chocolate cakes for dessert?

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    1. If you want a canape, you could turn the smoked salmon into that. Speaking as someone who can't abide smoked salmon, I wouldn't want the delicious soup overwhelmed by it. But throw some creme fraiche, capers and smoked salmon on some crackers will take three minutes and you've got a nibble for folks.

      1. You put "fall" in the title, so I am thinking an apple crisp warm from the oven with some good quality vanilla ice cream for dessert. You can put in some dried cranberries to really "fall" it up. Ina Garten has a great recipe, or yell if you need one. I like rolled oats and pecans in the topping.

        As for a canape, you have a whole lot of good stuff going on. I would keep app very simple. Perhaps some spiced assorted nuts (walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts) toasted and spiced with butter, lea & perrins, Tabasco, a little maple syrup? You can make this in advance and store at room temp.