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May 9, 2006 05:06 PM

Cucina Paradiso

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I'm planning on going to the Palmer Room in West LA Friday for a jazz show. The Palmer Room is part of or attached to Cucina Paradiso.

Anyone ever been? Should we do dinner with the show?

Or skip dinner and just drink?

It's on Motor between Palms and National (3387 Motor).

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  1. Cucina Paradiso has great Italian food . . .there have been mixed reviews on this board, but my husband and I went recently -- and loved it! Great pastas, salads, etc. I would recommend that you try it.

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    1. re: Foodseeker

      Please be more specific as to exactly what you ordered. We also went there and the items that we ordered were a bit pricey and quite average. If there are gems on the menu I am anxious to give it another try. Thanks

    2. Solid food, well worth eating there.

      If you eat or want dessert, don't miss the Panna Cotta. You won't believe it.

      1. the food here is great. from what we've tried and i think are well worth having again:

        1. eggplant parmesan appetizer - great sauce;
        2. spaghetti bolognese - again, great sauce;
        3. spinach/bacon/goat cheese salad - i'm not sure this salad would qualify as "healthy" but it has a really a great combination of flavors.

        not worth trying again:
        i had the gnocchi (i think with shrimp) and would not have it again - the sauce was a bit too much on the oily side and left me with kind of a stomach ache. the gnocchi was also a bit crumbly.

        1. what is a tab for two cost with wine?

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          1. Is the Palmer Room and Cucina Paradiso still around? I tried calling both their numbers and it is disconnected. I want to try their happy hour. Anybody know if they are still in business and how their happy hour is?


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              We ate there on 12/28. They certainly didn't act like they were going out of business. The grilled polenta appetizer was especially tasty, FYI.