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Nov 13, 2011 08:10 PM

Bruxie #2 Just Opened in Brea

Bruxie in downtown Orange ('specializing in gourmet waffle sandwiches') has just opened their second location in Brea (on Birch where Fatburger used to be).

It's only been open a week or so but there are already eager diners waiting in line. Forutunately the line moves very quickly because of the efficient (and friendly) service staff.

The food tastes even better than at the Orange location IMO (waffles are crispier and served piping hot--not lukewarm). We had the bacon, egg and cheddar, pulled pork and PB&J. All scrumptious.

The root beer float hits the mark, defining what a classic root beer float should taste like, but rarely does. The pumpkin shake is lushly spiced, unusually rich and creamy (although not cold enough for my tastes). This location is perfect and there's a lot more seating than at their Orange location.

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