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Nov 13, 2011 08:06 PM

Paris Impressions

I just returned from (almost) a couple of weeks in Paris. The rain and grey skies got the better of me, and I did not love my favorite city as much as usual this trip. I did have some wonderful meals, however.

All of these places have been written about extensively, and in much detail. Here is my nod to Meg Zimbeck’s Haiku review La Bigarrade. Caution: I have never written a Haiku – Let’s call these Haiku-esque.

A small jewel shines
Brilliant creations tasting sublime
The perfect restaurant

Talented chef loves fish
Tasty complex creative small
Expensive still hungry

LA REGALADE (the original)
Dependably great
Shrimp risotto is heaven
Generous food small euros

So central so easy
Food inferior to original
But still very good

Too peripatetic
Food good not great too salty
Stomach is very full

Best Michelin lunch
They are losing money on me
Great room great food mmmmm

Tartare Frites and Foie
I should go to brasseries more
Surprisingly good

Beautiful goodies
Smoked salmon foie gras blinis
Wallet is empty

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  1. Excellent, liked a lot your way of reporting :-) I would like to add Agape Substance to list of lunches in upcoming list, assuming of course that they do lunches "-) Hope it is a nice place even for solo dining and i will not have a problem reserving place for one.. Thanks a lot..
    Btw i also liked Le Bon Marche a lot and spent countless hours wondering around the isles there.. Pretty neat place.. On there other side of the scale is G Detou that i hope you visited also, probably highest packed place to size ratio i ever seen, wonderful stuff and very nice prices for the genre and city..

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    1. re: oferl

      I think it is great for lunch, and great for solo dining. You will likely be at the communal table. I understand dinner reservations are getting difficult, but you should be ok a week or so in advance for lunch. Enjoy.

    2. Thank you. I like your review style. :-)

      1. Sorry you didn't feel the love so much this time, but you've given me a smile with your poetic renderings on some great places.

        So few words, but such clear images.........Thanks for sharing.

        Jo (whose wallet is also empty by the time she leave Paris)

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