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Nov 13, 2011 07:51 PM

As seen on TV cooking Gizmo, what is your funnest / worse thing you have seen?

Watching TV last night and saw the meat loaf cooking dish, that thing was meant to make meat loaf easier to get out of your pan. the meat loaf on the TV looked so bad I laughing my ass off.

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  1. Oh yes, people were just talking about the meatloaf pan earlier.

    This Ronco ads scares me. You get to have 50 pieces of "cutlery" and tons of flatware for 3 payments of $13.33 ($40 total)

    *Added below*

    The following is not part of the "As see on TV", but it is still very funny to me. It is long, so please skip to the section which I indicate:

    At 7:00. She said "I never even thought of sharpening my knives..... When my knives become dull, I just ......"

    I really didn't expect she said this. You do "what"?

    At 7:20, She said "I am a wiz at making salad..." I think she was supposed to the newly sharpened knives have greatly improved her productivity and transformed her ability as a cook. Instead, it was both painful and funny to watch she cut the orange.

    1. I saw the commercial for Eggies, which is a device that you make hard boiled eggs by cracking the raw eggs into these egg shaped cups and then putting in boiling water. I thought it was dumb. My FIL was staying with us and said he thought it was a great idea. (You know what he is getting for Christmas this year!)

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        1. re: Shann

          Oh gosh, the eggies! that commercial made me laugh so hard!

          1. re: jujuthomas

            I'm in on the Eggies thing. It's up there with the Clapper commercials.

          2. re: Shann

            Have now purchased the Eggie for my FIL. They will be staying with us over Christmas, so I can't wait for the awesome goodness of shell-less hard boiled eggs! I am torn between hoping that it actually works and hoping that it fails miserably so that I can mock him every time I see him.

          3. Here's one from 1994 for a "great way" to debone fish. I'll let them tell you the name.


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            1. re: chris2269

              "My wife would like that" ;)

              That one definitely takes the cake- much better than the Bassomatic, and apparently it's for real?!! What a strange, wonderful world we live in.

              1. re: chris2269

                wow... just.... wow...

                And I love that it says on the bottom: "Fish must be dead 5 hrs. before using." Ummmm why?

                  1. re: chris2269

                    Is the narrator's voice in the middle of the video Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs???

                  2. I have so far seen 2 pans for baking brownies that will give you a lot of 'edges'. One is a square pan that you put a divider into.

                    The 2nd is a pan that has square indentations (think muffin pan but with square muffins). Even though the illustration shows the overturned pan with all the brownies happily falling out, I can only imagine the non-stick coating wearing out and all the brownies sticking. Nightmare!

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                    1. re: pdxgastro

                      My daughter has the 'edges' brownie pan. She said it makes delicious brownies, exactly the way she wants them. She has the pan that looks like a square 'S'.

                      1. re: jeanmarieok

                        i can actually see where that pan would be great, if you like the brownie edges. at my house, we each want the center, gooey square. :)

                    2. the pasta tube cooking thingy looks daft, it's not hard to cook spaghetti.

                      But the meat loaf tin is really silly, mine doesn't stick anyway and gosh 2 for $20!! What a bargain.

                      Did anybody ever buy the plastic lids that fit anything?