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Nov 13, 2011 07:51 PM

Vietnamese Bo 7 Mon (7 courses of Beef)

Do any Vietnamese restaurant in town serve the traditional Bo 7 Bon dinner? It's 7 beef dishes served one afetr the other. It begins with a beef salad and ends with beef congee. The dishes in between can vary slightly, but there are some staple dishes (like bo la lot). And it's served with man nem sauce, table salad, and rice papers. The mam nem is non-negotiable. It seems I've asked for it at a couple restaurants for my beef dish(s) and they don't make/serve it. If they don't serve mam nem, then it's not bo 7 mon.


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  1. I believe this question was asked a few years ago and the answer was no, but hopefully things have changed. Nor, Can I think of any new standout places that have opened in the past few years--maybe the Best Pho place on Wells Branch?

    Anyway, I believe the answer from before was that Sea Dragon on Research has beef three ways-- no idea about man nem.

    Sea Dragon
    8776B Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

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    1. re: Carter B.

      And it was probably I that asked it.

    2. Le Soleil lists a Bò 7 Món on their website, with Mắm Nêm as a $3 add on. I haven't tried it yet, but I got today's groupon and am planning on trying it soon.

      Le Soleil Restaurant
      9616 N Lamar Blvd Ste 156, Austin, TX 78753

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      1. re: Alan Sudo

        Hm, this is intriguing. I hear Le Soleil come up a lot, but almost everything I hear is negative. I know the owner is the ex husband of one of the Sunflower ladies... the word on the street seems to be that he's a rude, grumpy guy, and I've also heard the place is dirty. BUT the name comes up on here all the time. What's the real verdict? Obviously I just need to go check it out myself.

        My favorite places in town are Tan My for pho and Sunflower for bun, etc. Always down to check out somewhere new, though.

        1. re: popvulture

          I tried the place once a couple of months ago. Air conditioner dripping in the food, dirty dishes, dirt on the veggies. Once was enough.

          1. re: addlepated

            I've eaten at le soleil quite a few times. never had the whole dirty problem. Everything always is pretty darn tasty there too. The whole fried catfish with the make your own spring rolls thing is great for a group. A friend and I tried the 7 courses of beef once, but they were missing a few courses due to some ingredient mishap. They did serve us what they had, large portions of such, and then only charged us half. It was awhile back, but I remember some sort of hot broth dipping thing, and meat balls? Either way, it was tasty. It came with a pretty delicious brown sauce, with a pleasant shrimpy flavor... is that nam nem? a quick google image search seems to match my memories, but as per most outings I write about, I was pretty heavily under the influence. The owner is pretty cool actually, I'll admit he isn't the smiling type and I was definitely scared of him at first.... but he's pretty nice. Honestly though, the best time to go is late on weekends. There is lots of drunken karaoke going on. one time there was a live band. They didn't know any western songs, but we were all wasted and dancing with some old vietnamese ladies, we didn't really give a !@#@.

            1. re: snakesplanes

              Mam nem is usually a pinkish-brown. I call it baby puke. It's made with the fish sludge leftover from making/pressing nuoc mam. Thus, it's very potent stuff - very fermented, very smelly, very..uh.. memorable. Many Vietnamese don't even go near it.

              (Oh, I forgot the "good " part - it's usually mixed with pineapple, sugar, vinegar and chiles ;-)

              If it tasted shrimpy it may have been mam tom. Similar, but not as potent. And nontraditional for bo 7 mon.

        2. re: Alan Sudo

          I don't go to Le Soleil any more. The guy there, while not exactly rude or grumpy, or at least not to me, just makes me feel unwelcome. I didn't know they had bo 7 mon, but I do remember asked for and receiving mam nem for something or another - maybe my shaken beef. There's no reason it should cost $3 more, though. The ingredients cost the same as nuoc ham except for the addition of pineapple.

          I saw the groupon but passed. 18 months ago I would have snarfed it up even if I do have 6 unused groupon-type coupons to use up.

          Le Soleil Restaurant
          9616 N Lamar Blvd Ste 156, Austin, TX 78753