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Nov 13, 2011 06:29 PM

Great Birthday Restaurant for Mom in Vegas

I am taking my mother out to dinner for her birthday in December while we are in Vegas. I want to take her to a good restaurant that has great food.

Would like:

-- Good ambiance/ nice view would be great

-- Food that is not tiny and expensive (expensive is fine, I just hate restaurants that serve expensive and small portions and when you leave you are still hungry)

--Business casual preferred, don't want to go in jeans, but also don't want to have to dress to the nines either.

-- Food that is worth the price. I am good with expensive, but I don't want to eat some place where the restaurant has a famous name/chef but the food is just "ok" and overpriced.

-- Types of food she likes: Seafood, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Sushi/Japanese

-- Alcoholic drinks that go beyond wine and beer.

Things not to worry about/don't want:

-- my mom does not drink, so having a great wine list does not matter.

-- French food is not her favorite. Unfortunately when I look online many of the top restaurants are French.

-- She is not elderly by any means, but I don't want to take her to a place that is pretentious and/or mainly serving the need to be seen 20 something crowd and is overly modern/sterile. But on that same note, I don’t want to feel like everyone is so old we should be eating at 5pm. I would like a place that is nice and for “adults” but not the elderly.

I know I am probably making this difficult, I am sorry, I just want to take her some place nice she will enjoy and leave feeling like she had a good meal and a great time.


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  1. What about Panevino ( )? I took the family there last week for my wife's Birthday and we all loved it. The decor is really nice, service and staff are great, and the food was excellent. Not to mention there was a pretty nice view of the Vegas lights as well. On par with the rest of the strip restaurants as far as price, but being a few minutes off the strip made is seem less up tight and not overly busy. The restaurant doesn't seem to get reviewed as often as some of the big names on here, but we really had a great time here and would love to go back next time we're in town