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Nov 13, 2011 04:35 PM

Baguettes pt. 2

Okay gang, I ditched the last recipe and used Peter Reinhart's this time. The bread came out delicious and I definitely improved on the shape and flavor but the exterior is off and the interior is much more dense than I'd like. Still trying to obtain the classic French stye/the ones seen in his recipe ( ). Any ideas on what I did wrong?

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  1. What are you baking them on? Did you let it heat for a good half hour before baking? Also, did you weigh or measure your ingredients? If it's dense, you could have underhydrated it, not let it rise long enough, not kneaded it enough to develop the structure,or wasn't cool enough when you cut into it. Nice improvements, though!

      1. 1. Did you knead by hand or with a stand mixer dough hook?

        2. Did you try a finger poke test to determine the maturity of your proofed dough?
        It could have been either under proofed or over proofed ....
        From the appearance of the expansion in your scoring marks, the oven bloom was not particularly grand.
        How deeply did you score?

        3. Your formula could have been under hydrated

        4. You may have handled your dough too roughly in shaping

        If it tasted good and was satisfying, just enjoy it and try again. Keep a notebook to record each step and note any changes and never make more than one change at a time when making adjustments in your approach to the recipe.
        River19 may have the best recommendation (question) of all .....

        1. I made these before work this morning.....made the dough last night, overnight rise, classic Lean French mix, baked at 450 with pan of water (in from when the oven was cold) baked until done.......I don't limit myself by Grandmother was famous for having all her recipe cards say "cook until done".

          Nice hard crust.......