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Nov 13, 2011 04:03 PM

Deep fried Cornish Game Hen.

I was frying turkeys for a tailgate party yesterday and I decided to try frying some game hens. I have to say they were awesome. I think i could have easily fried 5 at a time. This may be a new "go to" dish for some dinner parties. No salt or pepper I just tossed it in after the last turkey. I want to try it on my small fryer for the counter.

Anyone else try this before? What did you do different?

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  1. I've been wondering about this myself and it sounds like a great idea. How long did you fry yours for?

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        Hey,Iv'e wondered what else I should through in there.

        The best thing I ever threw in after the turkey was sliced leeks,crazy good between the dressing/stuffing and the gravy.

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          I have done alligator, turkey breast, steak, hot dogs for the kids. I'm southern I will fry anything. The Cornish Hen just made me feel like I was being "high class".

    1. That sounds good. We have done a prime rib injected and it was so good. ONly problem was that it was a little well done but juicy. Next time we would have to check the temperature better, since it is one whole piece that doesn't have a cavity. Like a turkey breast takes longer.