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Nov 13, 2011 04:02 PM

Question about Immersion Blenders Safe for Enamel or Non-stick Cookware

I am currently using an inexpensive plastic immersion blender because it's safe to use on cast iron and enamel cookware. I would love to upgrade to a sturdier metal model, but I am unwilling to get new cookware (I REALLY like my pots). I just saw a Calphalon model that has a removable guard so the shaft won't hurt my pans. Do any of you know of other models that have a plastic or silicone guard for protecting cookware? And, has anyone tried the Calphalon immersion blender?

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  1. I have a Braun with a plastic housing, and Cuisinart with a metal housing. While I lean toward using the Cuisinart when blending a hot soup (just off the heat), I haven't given much thought to the housing damaging the pan lining. In part that's because I only have one nonstick sauce pan. All my other nonstick pans are fry pans. If I need to blend something in fry pan I probably would transfer it to a mixing bowl so I have a deep layer to work with.

    I can't imagine an immersion blender housing damaging an enameled surface. Enamel is not that fragile. On a nonstick surface I would take more care use an up-down motion, and not scrape the housing across the bottom. But regardless of the pan, I don't normally keep the housing in close contact with the bottom.

    1. Immersion blenders work find on ECI, but I would take some care not to drag it across the bottom or keep ramming it into the sides.

      Immersion blenders will ruin coated non-stick pans. Er...I know this from experience. Perhaps they would have no effect on a Swiss Diamond, though. But definitely NOT for use on coated pans.

      1. no worries in the cast....the blade is caged and does not contact the surface of the pan. never tried it with nonstick, however if used carefully (ie, no direct contact with the bottom) should be fine

        1. I use my Bamix in my Le Creuset without problems.

          1. I had the same concern with using my Kitchen-aid immersion blender in a Le Creuset pot full of soup or sauce. It's hard not to drag it across the bottom (in fact, it seems to be sucked down by the liquid). So, I dug up my old plastic Braun that I had in a bag to give to Goodwill and am keeping it for use with my Le Creuset and Chantal enameled pots.