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Nov 13, 2011 03:56 PM

Cozy / Romantic Restaurants in Vienna? (plus spaetzle / kaiserschmarren recos :) )

Hi Everyone!

I know there is a ton of information on Vienna here but was hoping for some help filtering to the coziest / most romantic with delicious austrian food?

My boyfriend and I will be visiting for the Christmas markets in December and would appreciate a couple of dinner recommendations that are warm / cozy / christmasy and serve great Austrian food.

Additionally, I have big love for stodgy food and was hoping someone could direct to the best restaurants for spaetzle and kaiserschmarren in the city?

Thanks in advance!!


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  1. Wow, these are quite tough requests:

    - warm, cozy and christmasy. The warm, cozy, christmasy kind is a very rare kind over here. i have to think about this. Will come back to you and I also wait for other chowhounders to share their hints.

    - At least I know that spätzle are not a Viennese food. Spätzle are in Austria a food of Vorarlberg ( and in Germany of Baden-Württemberg). You might find spätzle in a few places, but the REAL spätzle are not in Vienna. But kukubura will recommend the spätzle at Phönixhof !

    - Kaiserschmarren. This is easy. Many Kaffeehäuser and Beisl will serve Kaiserschmarren. I will try and get a few addresses.

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      Here are a few first hints:

      Zu den 3 Buchteln: This is a small, cozy, bohemian beisl in Wehrgasse. They have a lot of Mehlspeisen, although I am not quite sure they have a Kaiserschmarren...

      Meierei Im Steirereck: They DO have Kaiserschmarren, and a very good one as well !!
      And all the Viennese classics...

      Cafe Landtmann: The best Kaffeehaus in town, and Kaiserschmarren on the menu.
      And yes, it is cozy and warm, but very crowded as well...

      1. re: Sturmi

        Thanks Sturmi!

        Will take a look through these.

        Last year we visited the Christmas market in Nuremberg and stumbled across this gem: . We had the most amazing kartoffelknoedel, rouladen, and plums in mulled wine .... reminded me very much of the food my Grandma makes at home!

        It was perfectly quaint, and decorated with small handmade christmas ornaments.

        If there is anything similar in Vienna we'd love to hear.

        Thanks again!

        1. re: lrob08

          The restaurants in Germany are quite different from Austria. In Vienna we do have a much more down-to-earth, less kitschy and much less expensive variety, the typical "beisl", and a lot of upper end, more expensive places, such as Martin Stein, Gaumenspiel, Zum Finsteren Stern etc., etc...,

          The "Albrecht Dürerstube" kind of place would be e.g. the restaurant "Zum Weissen Rauhfangkehrer". They offer a kind of kitschy "Gemütlichkeit" of this kind, but are definitely a tourist trap. The same category, kitschy, but less expensive, are the Esterhazy-Keller, the Bierklinik, the Zwölfapostelkeller and the Rathauskeller.

          Maybe you should try the Ofenloch. This is a cozy small place and has decent food:

          1. re: Sturmi

            I checked again the menu of Albrecht Dürerstube. This is really a find, such low prices are not available with this kind of setup here in Vienna !!

            If you just want excellent food, Feles (formerly Zur Schwarzen Katze) is hard to beat.

            For atmosphere AND good and classic Viennese food I would also recommend Weibels Wirtshaus:

      2. re: Sturmi

        Thanks Sturmi!! Look forward to hearing what you come up with!

        1. re: Sturmi

          lol it's no secret that I love that place. The first time we went we had a spaetzle dish that was baked with cheese, which I described as being like the best mac-n-cheese imaginable. On the menu I'm guessing that it's Gratinierte Kässpätzle mit Röstzwiebeln und gemischtem Salat but I could be wrong. The spinatknoedel made a bigger impact on my wife, enough so that she recreated it:

          If it's not specifically spaetzle but more just great dumplingy dishes then I also highly recommend Restaurant Sperl near the Belvedere. Their knockerl dishes are amazing.