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Nov 13, 2011 03:37 PM

Orange Lake Resort - Kissimmee, near Animal Kingdom

Spending Thanksgiving week at Orange Lake. We have a toddler so not looking for formal restaurants - looking to eat good food within a 15 minute drive. We liked the Giordano's in Chicago, is the Kissimmee version just as good? What about good authentic Cantonese or Sichuan that's not on I-drive? Any seafood joint serving great fish & chips? Finally, any suggestion on where to go on Thankgiving for a traditional turkey dinner?

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  1. Also, anyway to get discounts at La Luce or Jiko?

    1. I'll take any recommendations for authentic Asian cuisine anywhere near Orange Lake, otherwise we'll be forced to eat at Outback, Red Lobster, and Long Horn....

      1. Why are you limiting yourself to a 15 minute drive? You're only 25-30 minutes from Orlando restaurants. Check the Orlando restaurants on this board, there are plenty of them!