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Nov 13, 2011 02:49 PM

The best pizza in San Diego--Urbn in Vista

We love Bronx and Buongiorno and have been enjoying them for the 14 years we've been in San Diego. Flippin', who separated from both, is OK, and for a while Blue Ribbon was the best. But there is a new go-to Pizza in North County and they need our support. URBN on Main Street in Vista. The pizza is the best. I do think 2 toppings are the limit for the thinness of the crust and I prefer the red pie over the white one. But the fresh mozarella, and the mushrooms/spinach combo is classic and amazing. As others have said, the mashed potato is a taste sensation. Everything I've had was good, some sensational. I will try the clams next time. Place is cool. Prices are right. People are friendly. It's just a great place. I hesitated at first to post, because with places like Blue Ribbon, they have gotten so busy, I can't eat there any more. But it's a schlepp for most foodies to get to Vista and they need our help. Go there! You will not be disappointed.

Urbn Pizza
203 Main St, Vista, CA 92084

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  1. Is it different than Basic downtown or Urbn in North Park?

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      The North Park location is their second location (if I remember correctly) while their original location is in Vista. I went to the Vista location about six months back and I have to admit they make a pretty darn good pizza; they use coal fired ovens in the Connecticut style with very thin crust. The manager at the Vista location was great and when he noticed that the new cook hadn't made the pizza just right he gave us that pizza for free and made us a whole new pie. I honestly thought the flaw was minor (the new guy made the crust so thin it broke in one spot) but the manager was great and insisted a whole new pizza be made in the correct fashion. I highly recommend URBN Pizza for both their pizza and beer selection plus it's nice to have a coal fired oven option here in San Diego, finally. The coal burns at a higher temperature than wood so the crust gets crisper but still retains it's shape and great flavor. It's well worth a visit.

    2. Is this the same group that owns Basic in the Gaslamp?
      Pizza is off the chain and welcome more locations..
      More pizza than burger chains!
      ; )

      1. They do a very good job with pizza...I am also a big fan of Luigi's in Golden Hil if--and only if--Luigi is present. (Consistency varies if left alone to their unsupervised staff that act as though they are under the influence of crystal meth).

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          I'm not sure if the Urbn in Vista is connected to Basic or the North Park location. The only facts I have are that the original owners came from Connetticut (New Haven, I believe) and one of the workers bought it about 4 months ago. The best time to go is when they are busy and the oven is hot and there are multiple workers. The pies come out fast and the crust is crispier and the toppings hold better then.

          1. re: Victor Lieberman

            Never thought much of Blue Ribbon.
            Overpriced and extreme limitation on toppings.
            Best Pizza I have had other than what I make at home is Wine Steals.
            I don't really care for East Coast style pizza

            Had a Pizza at a place in Paia, Maui with Kalua Pork, BBQ sauce, goat cheese now that was amazing!