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Nov 13, 2011 02:13 PM

Christmas Dinner, Santa Fe

We'll be in Santa Fe for the holidays and looking for a mid-range restaurant for our big holiday meal. Would like something on the traditional end, food-wise. Thinking Bishop's Lodge buffet or Table For Two -- thoughts?

A few years ago, we had a fantastic buffet at Hyatt Regency Tamaya for Thanksgiving -- and I usually detest buffets! Does anyone know how Bishop's Lodge's buffet compares w Tamaya's? (We want to stay local to Santa Fe on XMAS, otherwise we'd go back to Tamaya).

Open to other suggestions, thanks!

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  1. I would go to opentable dot com and put in 12/25 and see what's open. That is a good start, there are quite a few. Then I would check menus and them maybe come back and ask about ones that look good to you.

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      Thanks for the tip! We are moving to Santa Fe next weekend, so we will want to have someone else cook Christmas dinner. Here's what is available on OpenTable as of today in the lower price range:

      Dinner for Two
      The Old House Restaurant
      Restaurant Martin
      Ristra Restaurant

      Any experience with these? Thanks.

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        I have eaten ad Restaurant Martin and had a very good meal, but lower price range?? Not sure what your price point is, but I wouldn't call it lower price. It is also a nice, small intimate place and I like that kind of place.

        315 Restaurant and Wine Bar also has availability and is excellent as well, small venue too.

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          I was just going by what was on OpenTable -- those four were listed at "$30 and under," the others, including the 315, were higher. Certainly not definitive!

          Thanks for the suggestions. We're looking forward to exploring restaurants in our new town. Certainly pleased so far with the range of options, and in my scouting trip a couple of weeks ago had some very nice meals.

    2. I think you mean Dinner for Two. I am generally not a buffet fan, but on holidays, I like to get as close to a family-style dinner as possible. Bishop's Lodge has a bountiful buffet. The two resorts are very different in ambiance and that might be a big factor for you. Haven't had the Tamaya buffet, but that's quite a ride and that's something to consider. Most of the nicer restaurants in Santa Fe go beyond what I consider mid-range, but everyone's point of pain is different.

      1. I'll be in SF for Thanksgiving. We are having dinner at the restaurant in the St. Francis Hotel - Tablas de los Santos. It is run by the same chef who had Cafe Estavan years ago. NM yet with a fresh, local ingredient twist. I'm hoping he still has his touch!

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          We loved Cafe Estavan! What did you think, kayreed?

          1. re: Silverlaker

            Chef Estavan Garcia is putting his mark on two Santa Fe Restaurants. The first is Tabla de los Santos. (the second Tia's Comida will come next) We ate several meals there - breakfasts and dinners. This menu is more like the old Cafe Estavan - baked chili relleno filled with mushrooms but then a new one filled with goat cheese, rice, and spinach; a tasting plate of tamales, enchilada, and stuffed sopapilla. All wonderful.

            Several nights we stopped by for soup and salad. He shops at the local farmer's market so everything was oh-so-fresh and tasty. My most memorable breakfast dish was a poached egg on polenta and spinach surrounded by a sea of red and pinto beans. The Goat Flan for dessert is AMAZING. Not too sweet.

            They have Monk's Aile on tap. The service is very friendly and good. All this said, we met Estavan one evening before Thanksgiving and he encouraged us to go to his other restaurant - Tia's Cocina...that next.

            1. re: Silverlaker

              Chef Estavan Garcia is also the Executive Chef at the restaurant in the Chimayo Hotel, Tia's Cocina. It is meant to be authentic northern NM cuisine, and a bit more rustic than Tabla.

              Chef succeeds. We also ate several dinners and breakfasts here. Instead of the Socorro chili powder used at Tabla, he grows his own Chimayo chilis. I tried lengua (tongue) in red sauce for dinner. A treat for someone who likes specialty meats. His tamales were light; his red and green very flavorful.

              The Thanksgiving menu was good but conventional. We had a choice of turkey, beef, or fish. Our entire party had turkey with corn bread and chili stuffing (the only NM part); farmer's market carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans; and cranberries/gravy. All very good. They served me some red to dip my turkey in for which I was grateful. We also came late in the serving and had more like turkey pieces instead of slices. Desserts were very good.

              Mostly I liked their NM specialties that we ate at other meals.

              Tia's is a little more intimate than Tabla; servers are very very nice. I'd go back for sure...the quality is so much better than other spots around town.