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Nov 13, 2011 01:35 PM

Monday Lunch - Montreal

hi all,

I am looking for a fun, creative Montreal resto that is open for lunch on Monday.....all ethnic, french options are on the table......thanks

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  1. Brasserie T! is the first place that comes to mind. French bistrot, not expensive and downtown. More details here:

    Oh and it's delicious. Charles-Antoine CrĂȘte is a fantastic chef.

    1. I also like brasserie t but another favourite downtown is dominion tavern although you may have to make reservations if you go at noon as gets busy. They have a daily special for $22 each day which includes soup or salad and the Monday special is veal steak which is very good. I cant vouch for other items on menu as I have always chosen the special as is a good deal and runs til 4:30 so can be an early supper if out shopping.

      It can be a problem finding a resto on Mondays and so many open for evenings only.

      this one which is close to basserie t looks interesting but not yet tried it

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        My parents went to Bouillon Bilk for lunch this past friday, they loved it.

        (they have similar taste than mine, so I woul expect it to be good).