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Nov 13, 2011 01:11 PM

Food Haiku 2.

Haiku has rhythm
of just 5 7 5
embracing cadence

Allows multiples
of our phrases on praises
of thoughts upon food,

The 5 7 5
is so tight of a stricture
but room joy within.

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  1. Behold cottage cheese
    With curds softly clamping in mouth
    Milk made most glorious.

    1. Asked for at breakfast
      were good greasies of bacon
      and softness of eggs.

      How we compete that?
      Perhaps, to fully accede?
      So was served bacon.

      And also soft eggs
      Then just for the hell of it
      served some good oaties.

      1. Cool night and good listen
        to hum based deep in the fridge
        taking the temps down.

        Compresser good hissing
        Open door so inviting
        Me there just for beans.

        For warm in the micro
        with beeped touches of buttons
        thus heat up our beans.

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        1. re: FoodFuser

          I post in the dark
          on cold winds of November
          How they howl and bark.

          Better October
          with winds gently enmixed
          with best of bost most

          As we muse way onward
          This fort of November
          and remember just cheese.

        2. Cool nip to morning.
          Chill of breeze that is blowing.
          Oaties be boiling.

          Both butter and iron
          sing in good simple sizzle
          Awaitment of Egg.

          Breakfast and morning
          both together revealing
          This be a good day.

          Dudn't get better
          on these cold crispy mornings
          Than oaties and eggs.

            1. re: beevod

              Bites bound simplicate
              In the chewing of chocolate
              Nirvana indeed.