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Gourmet & more - Great new speciality store - Hayes Valley SF.

I just stopped by this 1 week old spot in San Francisco - it's foodie Paradise!

Not the mecca of food porn like the ferry building but pretty close for a small space (the parking is better too). The selection of cheese, sauage, bread, Foie Gras, procuitto, duck, mustard olive oil etc... was very impressive. The costs seemed very reasonable as well.

I could not find a website for them as they're so new, but the address is 141 Gough st.(btwn Page & Oak) in hayes valley - just a few doors up from Chow. A very easy walk from easy block and half walk from The Fatted Calf in Hayes Valley.

Stop by support them (very nice folks as well).

Fatted Calf
320 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I find it hilarious that this place has a sign out front for macarons. Like Hayes Valley needs more macaron shops! (Miette, Boulange, Chantal Guillon).

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      go inside and check it out - you'll be impressed

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        I can tell you right now that L'Artisan macarons put Miette and Boulange to shame, and are even better than Chantal Guillon. These are easily the best macarons in SF, and one of the most original in the country. You might be laughing, but I'm sure the others didn't find it very amusing when they landed blocks away.

        Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago. They were open but still putting signage up. Richard in the cheese room was very knowledgeable. I thinks it's going to be pretty cool when it's finished.

      2. thanks for the info! checked it out today and I liked the spaece too.

        i bought some frozen croissant dough-- we will see. the idea of having fresh croissants at home sounds decadent.

        I am definitely going to check out the cheese room one day. there were two people in there today so it looked crowded. would love to hear anyone's experience with the selection.

        funny about the macaroon comments. they have a small case there of macaroons.

        1. I randomly stopped in here after walking by a few days ago and was very impressed. The owners are also importers / distributors of french goods to restaurants in the area so the selection and prices are great. Because of this, they can carry a much more expansive inventory of cheese than you would expect in a small shop.

          The cheese room was a bit cold to conduct tasting inside, but the staff was friendly and happy to cut-to-order any size cuts. They bring in a lot of Xavier David cheeses and French goat cheeses I haven't seen elsewhere. All 3 of the cheeses I bought (XD roquefort, comte, and a fresh goat pyramid) were perfectly ripe and clearly well-stored and taken care of. Since they are a French importer, a majority of the selection is French (with some Spanish and Italian).

          They also cut and sell fresh baked bread by the lb from a nearby bakery.

          As you can tell I'm very excited about this new shop a few blocks from home -- I'll be back often.

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            Just going by the name, is the importer/distribution company Gourmet & More in San Leandro? It operates Le Village, which used to be open for warehouse sales a few times a year to retail customers.

            Gourmet & More
            141 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA

            Gourmet & More
            2976 Alvarado St, San Leandro, CA 94577

          2. My husband is a huge cheese snob (he's French). We stopped by today and he was like a kid in a candy store. We got a funky brie fermier that rivals raw milk versions I've had in Paris, we also got Salers, an aged Cantal that Cheese Board only has every so often. He picked up some other odds and ends, a tomme and a little aged goat cheese. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. Definitely a must-go for any fans of French cheese.

            1. I guess I was in an ornery mood, because I was prepared to be disappointed, but nope: this place is awesome. Super charming owners who were working the bread slicer and check-out counter along with their awesome daughter, who bears a startling resemblance to Mathilda in Le Professional, and told me that the apricot jam is excellent (she was right).

              Cheese cave: excellent, lots of stuff from regions that don't make the map in America. I was sampling around the Comte region, trying to find something that resembled a cheese I tried a while ago, and the cheesemonger recommended a Jura that was perfect. Bay Bread is making their bread per the owner's instruction, with sel de Bretagne--they had epi, white and walnut.

              Excellent jam that they're parceling and selling in plastic containers; same with creme fraiche. Lots of packaged goods, oils, Badoit (I'm hoping they start to carry Badoit Rouge), yogurts (though St Benoit, which I don't like as much as yogurts from France), and yes, macarons.

              I picked up three types of cheese, creme fraiche, apricot-hibiscus jam, creme fraiche, and bread for about $20.

              Bay Bread
              2325 Pine St, San Francisco, CA 94115

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                yes, pane - the apricot jam with hibiscus is one of the delights in the cheese cave! coffee will be served soon and the hours may change from the 11 am to 8 pm to 10 am to 7 pm if enough of us request the early opening.

              2. 3 cheesemongers walk into Gourmet & More and walk straight back to the rumoured cheese room. No, this is not the beginning of some silly joke. Boy, were we excited when we got back there. Seemingly, the best European selection in town right now. NO JOKE!! Unable to contain our composure, we were literally jumping up and down in this little glass-doored room with 3 walls of cheese. Since the owner is also the importer, his prices are very...affordable. This being said, we also know what the prices run in most of the cheese stores on both sides of the bay. The cheeses were not marked with prices, but we were too excited at selection for it to matter. Regardless, we spent a fraction of what we were expecting to spend. Bonus on Bread! You only need buy what you need, as they will sell you a half a baguette or thick slice of Pain au Levain and charge you a by the pound price.
                There are also all kinds of gourmand goodies to be had: whole Foie Gras, Marin Sun Farms meats (as if there were not enough amazing meat choices in Hayes Valley with both Avedano's and Fatted Calf to choose from) & some interesting frozen fare. Enough there to put together a delicious Eurocentric meal.
                Present, as well, is a small back yard. Not sure what they plan on doing with it. Hopefully it will be a place to sit and snack on my delightful, newly bought treasures.

                If nothing else, go for the cheese. That room is a beautiful sight.

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                  Not to mention incrediable aroma... rockin place

                2. Visited twice in the last few weeks and was happy to see how they're developing. The bread-cutting counter in the back is now where they're preparing coffee and sandwiches. The back patio is open for your in-store cheese eating needs, and they have applied for an ABC license which they expect to have approved in the next couple of weeks.

                  Cheese cave remains spectacular. The aged gruyere I bought here, which remains the best cheese I've eaten in years, was out, so we bought a Napoleon brebis that was right up my alley.

                  We also bought a brand of French yogurt I've never seen before, and got the rhubarb rose flavor. Same full-bodied creaminess to the body that distinguishes French yogurt from starchy American yogurts, plus tender ribbons of rhubarb blended throughout.

                  1. I didn't realize foie gras could be sold in CA. Is the ban only on restaurants?

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                      The original post was written long before the ban took effect.

                    2. Still haven't been myself yet. However, wanted to mention that my house guest was able to fulfill my request for the very fine Coulet Roquefort here (also available at Rainbow) and also brought some wonderful French butter.

                      1. I'm not finding this mentioned anywhere on the web, not even the store's FB page. But sounds so amazing, it's free, and I wish I could be there, so here's what's in the email:

                        "On Monday, June 17, we're inviting some of the city's best chefs
                        to create original dishes featuring Cinco Jotas' unparalleled Jamon de bellota. This Spanish cured ham is made from pigs fed on a diet of acorns and herbs during the final feeding season, resulting in an
                        unrivaled texture, aroma and taste.
                        Samples of each dish will be served starting at 5PM.
                        This event is FREE, but space is limited! Please RSVP
                        via the link below to secure your spot.
                        mail to: kellygomo@gmail.com

                        Featuring Chefs from:

                        Rich Table
                        Atelier Crenn
                        ThirstyBear Brewing Company
                        Alexander's Steakhouse
                        Twenty Five Lusk
                        La Folie
                        Cafe de la Presse

                        June 17, 2013
                        From 5 to 9 PM

                        Gourmet & More
                        141 Gough Street
                        San Francisco, CA 94102
                        (415) 874-9133"

                        And the photo:

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                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          Thanks for posting this event. I love the cheese room. If you are a fan of French cheese or just homesick for it they have one of the best selections in San Francisco.

                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            Yeah, I got that email today and just stared at the Jamon picture for several minutes. I am in Phoenix busy melting for a couple weeks, otherwise I'd be there.

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                I went. They were out of one restaurant's dish by the time I got there (6:15ish). But the raw Jamon de bellota was pretty damn good—though not the best I've had in the US or Spain.

                                I didn't think all the dishes made the best use of the jamon, but the clear winner was #5, which was a modernist/molecular presentation on spoon: the jamon turned into powder served I think with squid, a garlic chip, dehydrated parsley all surrounded by an intense consommé (results of the vote will be announced tomorrow).

                                1. re: W42

                                  Oh, I hate to think of that luscious ham being turned into powder. But if you say it was worthy, I'll believe you. Please do keep us posted on the results, would love to know who the winning chef is.

                                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                                    Atelier Crenn won the Cinco Jotas competition. They were the ones who created my favorite bite described above. Official described as: lardo, squid, Iberico powder and Iberico broth with truffles

                                    1. re: W42

                                      Cool, you called the winner. Thanks for the follow-up.

                                  2. re: W42

                                    What is the best jamon de bellota you've had in the U.S.? We're on a bit of a hunt. Bi Rite's is the best so far, Coqueta just so-so, have not tried Nosa Ria's yet. Nothing has been close to what we've had in Europe.

                                    1. re: possumspice

                                      In the U.S., I would have to say the jamon iberico at The Office (the small lounge under the Aviary) in Chicago. I haven't found anything in the Bay Area that compares, but Gourmet & More was selling the Cinco Jotas in .5, 1.5 and 3 oz portions in their refrigerator.

                                      But yeah, I still dream of the jamon at Asador Etxebarri.

                                      1. re: W42

                                        Oooh, my husband and I have been dreaming about going to Etxebarri. Also whatever that shop was that they visited in Decoding Ferran Adria.

                                  3. re: Melanie Wong

                                    It was a small but nice event. I liked the Rich Table's dish which was potatoes with buckwheat I think, the Jamon de bellota did seem like an aftethough. Two of the bites were fruit and jamon and the sweetness overwhelmed. Honestly the Jamon de bellota I liked best was the servings they gave when you first came in. I liked Creen's modernist take but still prefer it in it's "natural" state.

                                    1. re: tjinsf

                                      Again, I'm so sorry I missed this tasting. I heard from another friend who said her favorite was the apricot and jamon pairing. Sounds like that's the one you thought were too sweet.