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Nov 13, 2011 12:27 PM

SAT Foodlab

Anyone been there yet?

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  1. I did! :) I already made a review. To summarize it quickly, every week they come up with a new theme, all the dishes cost 6$. They also serve alcohol. It is a Wednesday to Saturday 5@8 thing. I love how they experiment with different flavours that you would not really think of putting together like bacon and mint! I went to the first two weeks and I haven't been let down.

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    1. re: Gluttoners

      Could you elaborate on the format a little more gluttoners? Is it like a cafe, with table and chairs and waitresses, or is it more casual, with bar tables or something? Thank you!

      1. re: unlaced

        The thing is that it is hard to define it. Basically you sit down with friends, and once you are ready to order, you go up to the bar and buy "tickets". You can then redeem those tickets for a plate of your choice. You then collect your dish and go back to your place to enjoy it. So there's no waiter. More like a bar, but for food.

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          Thanks gluttoners, that was helpful!

          1. re: unlaced

            No problem. This week's theme is "the hunt"

            1. re: Gluttoners

              ooh that sounds good! I went hunting over the weekend but didn't catch a thing!

              1. re: unlaced

                November 30th to December 3rd week's theme will be Vienna: goulash and sacher torte. Can't wait!

                1. re: carolilas

                  And remember the Foodlab is run by the folk who used to run the kitchen (and pastry section) at Laloux! The Viennese-themed week will recall their amazing Kafeeklatches.

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        I cannot find much information on SAT Foodlab but it sounds like great fun.Where are they located and do you have a contact number.Thanks !

        1. re: finefoodie55

          ( the menu is not up to date (last week's menu


          It's on St-Laurent, just south of Ste-Catherine

          Well, they updated their menu, this week's theme is "La Chasse"

          twitter photo link :!/SAT_...

      3. Went to SAT Foodlab last night. Loved the atmosphere. Very noisy as there are lots of people but it doesn't feel crowded since it's an open space. My friend and I ordered everything on the menu. Verdict: good to excellent. Best dishes: the spätzle, the salad and the liptau cheese. Sacher torte like the one I had in Vienna many years ago. Note: the food was not very warm. But we will return...

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        1. re: carolilas

          I was there on Friday night. I loved the mushroom strudel and the salad. The rest was just good. I agree about the temperature of the food. I also prefer warm/hot vs tepid/room temp.

          1. re: hungryann

            I was speaking to one of the chefs and Thursday was the Foodlab's biggest night since their opening, and Friday was bigger than Thursday - & then Saturday was bigger than Friday! So there will be some little growing pains!

            1. re: nikkori

              Yes, I agree about the growing pains. They were working very hard to please everyone and I appreciate their efforts. Michelle Marek, the pastry chef, was our server for the first half of the meal and even though they were busy as hell, she took time to answer a question of mine before returning to her post. It's important to note also that they don't have a regular restaurant kitchen, just two stoves and (it seems) no hot plate, so keeping the food hot must be a challenge.

              But like I said, I will return because I love the concept, the atmosphere and most of the food.

        2. The concept is good but I think the atmosphere stinks and it's in a terrible location, I've been once and it felt like I was at a trade show. The room was full of IT geeks in expensive designer sneakers and hoodies and there was electronic and dub music pumping the entire time. I'm not sure if it's always like this or because we were there for an event (some kind of tapas bar thing this past fall I think) but I have no desire to ever return. The room itself reminds me of a university cafeteria after hours. It's got no charm at all.

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          1. re: OliverB

            SAT = Société des arts technologiques. And home of some of the best electronic music show in Montréal. What did you expect? Of course it's going to be a similar crowd. What kind of concept would it be if the restaurant was totally different?

            And in the middle of the Quartier des Spectacles is not really a terrible location anymore, even if it's not perfect yet.

            I think it's got no charm at all... for you.

            1. re: Glaff

              What did I expect?

              Clearer distinction between the larger venue itself and restaurant within I suppose.

              Strange that the team behind Laloux would move onto this... It's essentially a lounge housed in a large, open and cold/clinical looking space with electronic DJs and too many colorful hoodies, backpacks and bad haircuts. Enjoy if it's your thing, but I won't bother returning. I'm more interested in who takes over the kitchen at Laloux.

              1. re: OliverB

                Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem is the new chef and Stéphanie Labelle is the new pastry chef. He's from La Montée de Lait (before they closed) and was sous-chef at Cinquième Pêché (before they moved). She's done Rhubarbe and La salle à manger most recently.

                And I'd give them a couple more months before heading over. This review isn't terribly inspiring

                1. re: EaterBob

                  Thanks for the info. La Montée and 5ieme were two of my favorite bistros (the latter still holds) so it's reassuring to know that they're taking over the kitchen.

            2. I was there last night after visiting the Souk. Very crowded and rather spartan but the other guests were in a positive mood. got goulash and tourtière as takeout, and really liked both of them. But nowhere to sit and wait for the food (although I didn't have to wait long). Any tips on when is the least crowded time to go?

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              1. re: rwarren

                We were there at 6 pm on Friday and it was not very crowded. What exactly is the Souk?

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    oh, thx. I thought it was food-related :s

              2. Was checking out the menu for this weekend (mmm pashka!) and noticed this
                Le Foodlab sera complet le 27 avril
                Does that mean this is over come the end of April? I guess it makes something to try something new during the summer - anyone know what Seth and Michelle's plans are?

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                1. re: unlaced

                  Complet should mean fully booked.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    ahh that makes sense too - I didn't realise it translated to mean full! I thought it meant complete as in finished!