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Nov 13, 2011 12:16 PM

Want to go fishing around Kahului :)

Hello! My friend and I are going on a crazy short trip to Hawaii in December. Long story short, we stumbled across an opportunity to pop over from just December 16-18 and we could not pass it up, even if is such a short time.
We pretty much only have the the evening of the 16th-18th. Our main goal is to try to go fishing! Any recommendations? It won't be our last time in Hawaii, so we don't feel a need to cram too much into our stay. A good fishing trip and maybe a hike...bonus points if we can combine the two. And delicious food, of course :)

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  1. Let me state for the record. I am not a fisherman. And I am not well acquainted with Maui. But I do listen to conversations. A few questions:

    A. what kind of fishing do you want to do? Deep Sea / Bottom fishing? Charter a boat? or Reef and Shore Fishing?

    B. are you bringing your own equipment along or are you going to be renting it?

    C. have you made arrangements for transporting the fish back to whatever frigid climate you came from? Regulations and checked luggage fees have not improved these conditions.

    I'm told this isn't a bad place to start, although it's not exactly recent:

    hopefully some other more knowledgeable folk can chip in with more specific and recent information.

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      Hi KaimukiMan!

      A. Any of those would be a fun new experience. I've only done ice fishing, river fishing, ocean fishing, lake fishing.

      B. We only have ice fishing gear...not appropriate for Hawaii >_<

      C. No, but we don't have a kitchen in Calgary since we're there for work..would be happy to gift it to someone :)