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Nov 13, 2011 11:29 AM

Sunday and Monday in the 7th, pas trop cher

I searched, but but didn't find much, apart from La Dernier Meto (one of my favorite films)!

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  1. If you must stick to the sleepy 7th arrt on Sunday and Monday when most restos are closed, of course slim pickin.

    Fables de la Fontaine Thoumieux Pottoka

    Have you seen the theater where Le Dernier Métro was filmed? Théâtre l'Atelier (1 Place Charles Dullin. Metro: Abbesses. Don't take the awful Anvers metro.

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    1. re: Parigi

      I'll need to stick close on Sunday, because that is when I arrive, and I do not travel well! I will definitely visit Musee Rodin on Sunday, as it is closed on Monday. Merci beacoup for your recommendations, especially le theatre L'Atelier.
      Vive Catherine Deneuve!

      1. re: sarment

        "Vive Catherine Deneuve!"

        Spotted more than once having a wonton soup at Mirama.

        1. re: Parigi

          Great! Maybe we'll head there for some chinois and hope to see my idol! Thank you!

          1. re: sarment

            Be careful of 2 things chez Mirama:
            1. Like many Chineses restaurants, it has a long menu, but only a few things are good: I would stick to all the wonton soups, poulet au gingembre 蔥油雞, tofu farçi, the laqué stuff, excellent fried flat noodle with beef and green noodle 豉椒牛河 and the other fried Canto noodle.
            2. Once I waited a long time for my food. Everybody else was too. The kitchen seemed to have been paralyzed. Then a limo pulled up outside and double parked, and the chef and waiters rushed out to hand over a few dozen doggie bags to the chauffeur. Later I asked the waiter in a whisper: "so who is the capo di tutti capi?" The waiter whispered back:"the Elysées (presidential) Palace." That was back in the Chirac dynasty. Let's hope he did not tip off Sarko about Mirama.

            1. re: Parigi

              Thanks, P, for your sweet advice in #1.

              We could use a thread on what to order where. So many visitors write from home that they went where we suggested but they "just didn't get it". Done that too many times myself.

              1. re: Parigi

                "the Chirac dynasty" made me laugh! Thanks for all the great advice and the humor too! I didn't expect to to learn about theatre L'Atelier or poulet au gingembre and will have a better visit because of them. Merci!

                1. re: Parigi

                  As usual, good advice from Parigi.

                  Despite a large brunch in the afternoon, I agreed to go to Mirama last night when my friend said she had a craving for canard laqué. While the line outside seemed long, the wait was not. Nor was the wait for food. The canard was very good. I saw many people enjoying the wonton soup, but it would have been too much for me. We shared a simple but fine fried noodle plate.

                  Be warned that is it quite noisy.

        2. To get back to places pas trop cher in the 7th, perhaps you may like the Café Constant and Les Cocottes, no reservations but above average food for the price. I think that Pottoka is closed on Sunday and while its' older brother/neighbor, Fables de la Fontaine, is open, it is not exactly in the pas trop cher category. I have had many good seafood meals there.

          1. The brasseries and cafes along Rue Cler are not half bad and are open on Sundays. I'm partial to the croques and tartines at Le Petit Cler.

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            1. re: xigua

              On a scale of 1 to 10, where does "not half bad" fall?

              1. re: RandyB

                By not half bad it means I wouldn't cross town for it, but when in the area, I am assured of a decent meal: planches of charcuterie and light, fresh salads, decently grilled meats and yummy open faced sandwiches. Mathematically that would mean 6.5-7? Hope that answers your question.

                1. re: xigua

                  Absolutely does. I love your math, too.

                  My problem is that I'm a lawyer as well as a foodie. I should remember now that I'm retired from the former and not ask those questions any more.

                  1. re: RandyB

                    I think that Xigua pretty well categorized Le Petit Cler. It is probably the most reliable spot on Rue Cler; an out post of the Fontaine de Mars which also has one of the most upscale cafés in the neighborhood, the Café de l'Alma.