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Nov 13, 2011 11:25 AM

Due Venti @ Clawson - DTW

Dined at Due Venti last night.



Nutshell edition: Excellent food, Great service. Will definitely return. Bring a flashlight.

The long(er) form:

We arrived a few minutes before our 6:30PM reservation and our table was waiting. We were
seated immediately.

The lighting was a bit too dim for my tastes. I understand dim/romantic. I don't agree with it ... but
this was less. How dim was it? One of our dining companions had to retreat to the mens room to
read the menu. I noticed another table using an iPhone as a flashlight. A great tip ... which I
shamelessly mimic'd. We mentioned it to the staff. The lights remained dim-dim all evening.

One of the four seats at our table was a *bit* obstructed ... by an accent table holding a tall, wobbly
vase. Frankly; I'd *really* prefer that they remove one table from the line along the north wall. The
dining room wasn't exactly over-stuffed (ref: my usual gripe about Jeremy's), but it was certainly
full. The table next to ours was "loud," a bit more distance would've been helpful, but rather than
reducing seating (it's a business after all), I'd prefer they ditch the accent table & vase.

We started by sharing a white anchovy salad and the polenta fries. Both were excellent appetizers.
I enjoyed my house salad ... mixed greens, golden raisins, pine nuts, gorganzola ... I was left
wishing it had a very light sprinkle of chopped, candied walnuts.

Two ordered scallops. Four large scallops per plate, perfectly prepared, wonderfully seasoned.
The other two entrees were Cassolette and rabbit. The puff pastry on the Cassolette was a hint
that someone in the kitchen knows pastry. The rabbit was probably the overall winner, All entrees
were excellent.

It's obvious that one of the Chef's *knows* pastry ... the Budino, Panna Cotta and Napolean were
all home runs.

Portion size? Just right. Not too much. Not too little I did think the wine pours were a bit on the
light side, but not worth fussing to the staff about.

Staff? Knowledgeable. Attentive. Prompt. Unobtrusive.

Cost? ~$65/person including liquor & tip.

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  1. I went there two years ago, and it did not disappoint (if I'd remembered what I'd had, I'd have replied to your last inquiry about DV).

    Thanks for the write up. I followed your link to the current menu, and my goodness it looks terrific. I can't afford to take a family for a $65pp meal right now, but as soon as I can (or as soon as I get a hall pass), I'm over there. YUM

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      Love it! And I think they are open for lunch now with a patio, if you are looking for a way to eat there on a budget. But I must say when food is crafted with such care, it is worth the extra expense. Owned by a husband and wife chef team... you can taste the love! Glad it is in my hood!

    2. Great review. They had a culinary-ish trivia night last fall that we were unable to attend. I've emailed asking to be notified of the next one. Seems perfect for CH'ers.