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Nov 13, 2011 11:05 AM

No Restaurant VIP System

I do not think restaurants can flag people as VIPs of the restaurant on OT They do have a VIP of system that labels a customer as a VIP of the Open Table based on how often they use Open Table, but not per restaurant. I expect they'll come out with something soon as we recently released this a VIP feature based on the restaurant (I work for Reservation Genie). You can see on this link to one of our clients Corazon that shows the top 10 list and the perk they get for being a VIP. This is based on how often you come back over the last 60 days and people are given VIP status automatically if they earn enough points. The restaurant can also flag them as a permanent VIP. When VIPs book they have a star by their name and a perk associated with the status such as 20% off the check, half price appetizers, etc. It's up to the restaurant.

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  1. Between knowing the number of visits made and the guest comment area, restaurants can easily decide who their VIPs are and how to treat them. They don't need OT to tell them. I think 60 days is too short a time frame to determine VIPs. If someone came to your restaurant every 2 months for 5 years would they not be VIP by your calculation because they only came once every 60 days? OT would show they had made 30 visits and the restaurant can act as they see fit. Plus, the guests themselves play a part in determining how VIP they are. If you come once a week, order the cheapest thing and water, act surly and demanding, and tip 8%, you are more likely to be dreaded than celebrated. VIP is a discretionary thing, not something you need your computerized reservation system to calculate for you.

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      I agree about that 60 day time frame. I am considered a VIP at a couple of restaurants in San Francisco, and treated as such, but I live in Phoenix. However, I do travel to SFO about 15x per year, so have flown 651 miles to dine there, plus the car from the airport. While often within a 30 day period, there are times, that it might be 90 in between.

      Same for some restaurants in London. We are there only twice per year, but when we are, we always dine there, and maybe for our personal dining, and then for a board dinner for 40. Last time at one, the sommelier commented that I had just ordered another Montrachet, different from the ones that I had ordered six mos. before, for both my personal dinner, and then the board dinner. He even knew which tables we'd been seated at, for those two nights, ~ 180 days apart - we were treated like ultimate VIP's.

      At one restaurant in Washington, DC, I had dined solo, about every six mos. for four years. Finally, my wife had a night off, and was able to accompany me. The staff knew that I was NOT dining solo that night, and lined up in the hallway, to personally greet my wife. Guess that they were all relieved that I would not bore them, and only my wife?

      I might bump the time frame up a bit.

      Just my observations and thoughts,


    2. Open Table has a "Customer Notes" section for each person. You can flag them as VIP or gluten free or vegetarian or put their birthday or anniversary in there. Type whatever you want, really.