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Nov 13, 2011 11:01 AM

Progressive dinner for New Year's eve

We are having a progressive dinner on New Year's eve. Since I'm the one who "likes to cook" I got the main course. We will have three other courses before our house. Any suggestions as to what I could make that wouldn't be ruined if no one was there to tend it? My hubby suggested coq au vin....any other suggestions?

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  1. We did it for many years and the main course was always a beef tenderloin. Everyone loved it, and easy to make. Can be made before you leave and served at room temp.

    1. I think your hubby has the right idea. You can do it in a slow cooker and it'll hold very well.

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        Or you can just leave it in a low oven.

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          Yes, a braise is a great idea. It holds well, easy to keep heated, hits the spot when you're cold, comforting. If not coq au vin then something like short ribs.

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            As a side, you may want to make pureed cauliflower/parsnips/rutabaga which reheat beautifully in a relatively short time (compared to polenta or mashed potatoes).

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              I agree with Chowser about short ribs. In fact, they benefit from being made ahead of time. Make them the day before so you can skim the fat and develop the flavors. When you leave the house, throw them in the oven at 250 or so so they're warm when you get there.