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Nov 13, 2011 09:22 AM

Roasted Sweet Potatoes (or vegetable mixture) on Thanksgiving--timing question

I am fine tuning our T-day menu and just decided to do a roasted variation on sweet potatoes, possibly coupled with other root vegetables (vs. a casserole). I just decided to do this as I think this will balance out the meal the best and is more in line with the types of foods my family likes.

My question is more of a logistic one instead of recipe help.

How best do I prepare the veggies if I only have one oven?

Most of the time that I roast veggies (and most recipes too) they are done at a higher heat compared to what you would use for the turkey (400 vs. 325) and the total cook time (on the veggies) is generally longer then what standing time is on the Turkey--so I don't think placing the vegetables in the oven once the Turkey is done is an option either.

Should I roast them in advance and re-heat or just do in the oven at the Turkey temperature, for a longer time, along with the Turkey--space wise I would be able to get both of these dishes in, as nothing else (except for a quick heat on the rolls etc) is planned.


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  1. Roast them in advance and refrigerate them, then bring them to room temperature and warm them while the turkey is resting prior to carving. Might need to put them in the oven slightly before the turkey comes out to make sure they warm through completely.

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      +1, I've done this, it works well.

    2. i would do them at the higher temp while the turkey is resting before it is carved.

      1. I always used to roast vegetables at high heat but I recently happened upon an article that called for them to be roasted for a longer time at a lower temp - no higher than 375, I think it said. Their reasoning was that higher heat can dry out the outside before the inside gets velvety. I have tried it with brussels sprouts and fennel and it seems to work. I do crank the heat a bit at the end to get the outsides crisp, though - so perhaps you could roast the veg along with your turkey for a while, then crank the oven temp while the bird rests to get the browning you want.