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Nov 13, 2011 07:35 AM

Takeout Thanksgiving dinner for 8 in Palm Beach County

Can you suggest the best place to order a takeout Thanksgiving Dinner for eight adults in the North Palm Beach/PGA area?

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  1. When my Mom could no longer manage the event and could not / would not travel but wanted her kids and grandkids around for T-Day we used Publix. Pre-order, let them know the size of your group, and they will put the whole meal together for you. Our crew was never disappointed.

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      look at josephs italian market, complete packages and deep fried turkey also, they have a website and in boca royal palm and plm bch grdns, you wont go wrong

    2. Carmine's
      2401 Pga Blvd
      Ste 172
      Palm Bch Gdns, FL 33410
      (561) 775-0105

      Excellent food, wide variety. More apt to be fine quality than Publix. Publix offers a fine service, but it is rarely chowhound quality. Much from them is food service type stuff.

      Carmine's website is down for renovations. Call them.

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      1. The "accent section" of todays Palm Beach Post (11/16/2011) has many of the places you are looking for clairg