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Nov 13, 2011 07:33 AM

24-hour restaurants in Central London?

Hi, my work Christmas party is in Piccadilly on a Saturday a few weeks from now and is likely to finish at around 3 am. A friend and I were planning to hang around till the first trains and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest restaurants/cafes open at that late (early!) hour that will be open and safe for a couple of women to hang out in for a few hours.
Doing a bit of internet research, it seems that the nearest places are Bar Italia in Soho and a Chinese restaurant called 1997 in Wardour Street. Any info on these places? Bar Italia has had mixed reviews on london-eating.

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  1. I think Balans in Soho is open 24 hrs.

    1. I've had a 4am snack at 1997 a couple of times. From what I recall (not always the clearest memories from that time of night!) it was passable if somewhat rowdy. Though that might have just been us.

      1. bar italia - is lovely but is more of a perch on a stool and look at dodgy italian MTV place not get comfy seats for couple of hours.
        All sorts pass through but pretty safe for women.
        1997 I've been pass and they've had a recent refurb - most of the chinatown restaurants are ok if open as they let you loiter if you have ordered food and just get more jasmine tea.

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          I think Mayflower in Chintown is open until 4am but that's probably too early for you.

          I think the prices in Bar Italia are exorbitant for what it is.

        2. Thanks everyone for their input. Looks as if it might be 1997 to while away some time, followed by Balans for breakfast. Thanks for comments on Bar Italia, I did read some reviews mentioning the eye-watering prices.

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            If you want to spend some money on an Addison Lee or taxi and waaaay more money on food or drink go to Vingt-Quatre on Fulham Road. At that hour its only a 10 minute taxi and it's a rather nice place to eat considering what else is open.

            Or Tinseltown for American diner food not too far by taxi or Kurz & Lang for sausages/hot-dogs not too far in a taxi either.

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              Just a quick one on Tinseltown - they've covered up the 24-hour sign relatively recently and I have a feeling they've stopped that. Perhaps they still do on Saturday nights but worth checking if that's where you head.

          2. Thanks brokentelephone and ManInTransit, but I don't think we will be wanting to go anywhere by taxi.