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Nov 13, 2011 06:02 AM

Freezer question re: Mini puff pastry potato knishes.

Hi all. I make mini to small size potato knishes. I use Pepperage Farm puff pastry sheets and fill them with mashed potatoes and onions. My kids love them and I would love to have them on hand in the freezer for unexpected company. I just can't figure out what would be the best way to do this.

Should I fill, shape and then freeze them uncooked? How would I then cook them, frozen or unfrozen? If i cook them frozen would I cook them on the same temp I normally cook them when fresh or lower the temp to give the potatoes a chance to heat up inside without the puff pastry burning? Do you think the potato filling would become grainy or watery?

Or should I fill, shape and cook them before freezing? Again, how would I then reheat them.

I know I could just do a test run but...LOL...I hate to waste food. So I would like to narrow it down to whether this could even be successful and the probable best method.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Fill, shape, cook, wrap really well, and freeze. Reheat in med.-high oven for a not-too-lengthy time.

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      Thanks mamachef. Med-high like 375? Do you think they have to be defrosted at all? What's your feeling about the consistency of the potatoes? Do you think they will be watery? Thanks again :)

      1. re: MsBees

        MsBees, yep on the temp. The key is to use a pretty dense potato mixture, with as little added liquid as possible while still tasting good. Don't use cream; use whole milk. And don't defrost them: reheat them straight from their fully-frozen state. Finally, make sure that they are fully-wrapped in the pastry, and reheat on a completely flat baking sheet, making sure they're not touching each other at all.

        1. re: mamachef

          PERFECT!!!! Thanks a lot mamachef. I may give these these a try this week. LOL....although I am also testing a frozen and reheated lacy latke recipe.

          Any thought on method for reheating lacy potato latkes? I'm not sure how many potato dishes hubby would be willing to eat in a week. I may have to call in the troops, my boys and their college friends.

          1. re: MsBees

            We like the lacy ones too; nice and crunchy w/ a creamy tender middle. I worked in a deli for awhile where the recipe was for these finely ground, v. dense, really floppy, un-crispy latkes. You would not believe how many special holiday orders we got for those, and then the complaints. I was glad I wasn't in charge of the latke making, since it was their place/their recipe and there was no way in hell they were changing it or taking suggestions to improve them. (Other than the latkes, it was a pretty good deli, though they did also use the huuuuge shortcut of using frozen potstickers in their Mishmash soup, calling them Kreplach which they most assuredly were not - esp. considering that this brand contained pork, and while this was obviously not a kosher deli, it was still just somehow wrong.) Anyway:
            Your latkes should be reheated briefly in a hot oven. Make sure you preheat it to at least 400-425, and they should take no more than 4-5 minutes; you basically want to hear the oil begin sizzling again and then get them lil devils out of there and onto a platter w/ side bowls of chunky applesauce and smetana.....they crisp right back up and it makes the nightmarish proposition of latkes for a lot of people a whole lot less intimidating. At least you know you won't be missing your own parties since you'd be the designated fryer, right?
            And last: a husband w/ a potato quota, huh? Yeah, I'd call in those troops. I know pretty much everything there is to know about College-age boys' appetitites, and they'll love you for it!
            Have you tried your hand at any of the newer-style root vegetable latkes? I catered a party where we did plain potato/ with a smidge of onion, sweet potato/apple, parsnip/celery, and zucchini w/ potato as a binder. Made cocktail sized latkes and they were a huge hit. Of course, (TRADITION!! tradition!!) The classic ones went first, but everyone really liked the novelty of the other choices too. We varied the fruit sauces and sour cream additions for the untraditional ones, and it was a gret, gret partay.
            Happy holidays, dear.

            1. re: mamachef

              Wow mamachef what a great response! Thanks.

              Your description of the latkes are making me hungry :). And yikes at passing off frozen pot stickers with pork as kreplach.

              I'm going to use my pre-made and frozen latkes for two difference occasions this holiday season. The first time I use them I can take them straight from the freezer but the second time I will be traveling with them for 2 hours and then not serving them till the next morning. Do you think I would treat both the frozen and un-frozen ones the same way? Which way do you think would be best? Oh and LOL by cooking them ahead not only will I not be missing out on the party but everyones clothes won't smell like fried onions :). My boys make me close all the doors in the house when i make latkes. They love them, but hate the smell.

              Years ago I made sweet potato, lime and I can't remember if it was a touch of cayenne or chiptole powder. They were delicious! But my inlaws deemed them a sacrilege. Until a few years later when their daughter discover this great new invention of sweet potato latkes. LOL...since then I have stuck to my regular potato latkes. Maybe this year, since my inlaws won't be here, I'll venture out again and may borrow your idea for an additional holiday party :)

              Happy Holidays to you also. And thank you very much for all your great advice :)

              1. re: mamachef

                Mamachef I wanted to let you know that reheating the mini knishes worked perfectly. Normally I cook them for about 20 to 30 minutes. But this time I cooked them for only 20 minutes and took them out when they were lightly colored. Once cool I flash froze them and then stored them in a container. I reheated them in a 375 oven for 13 minutes and they came out perfectly!

                Today I'm going to test the latkes.

                Thanks again for your help.