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May 9, 2006 12:23 PM

Food to take into Disneyland

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I'm going to Disneyland next week and am looking to take some food in to eat instead of buying overpriced stuff there. Any good sandwich/take out options in the Anaheim area? Ethnic maybe?

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  1. You realize you'll have to sneak it in, right?

    The restaurants inside Disneyland can be tasty and reasonable if you try. Bring in your own water by all means. The restaurant in New Orleans Square has clam chowder bowls. My friends and I always opted for that when we went in high school because it was the only way to eat under $10, and the bread is filling.

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      I believe you are allowed to bring food into Disneyland. They even have a picnic area up front for people to eat their from-home food.

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        Yep...there's a picnic area outside the main gate next to the lockers, not technically inside the park. They do bag checks and depending on the person, those inspectors might call you out on outside food. Water is okay to bring inside.

        Inside the park, there's the Corn Dog Truck at the end of Main Street. Love it, although others think they are decadent, high-caloric grease bombs...and they'd be right.


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          That "picnic" area consists of some school lunch benches in front of some lockers, by some bathrooms.

          We've never had any trouble bringing in food, ie in a backpack. But it's such a hassle, especially if you don't want to carry it around with you, and then you'll have to treck back to the locker from whatever land you're in, to get the food. Isn't there a monorail stop at downtown disney? Just get your hand stamped and eat there. There's a great and very reasonably priced New Orleans type restaurant there.

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            I was at Disneyland in January after the holidaze crowds calmed down and 3 of us decided to eat lunch first in Downtown Disney but we didn't want to do a whole nice restaurant sit down thing so early. Next to the New Orleans restaurant is a more casual version with take out/counter order and take to a table outside. Very generous portions of po'boy sandwiches with fries that could be split between 2 average eaters and no tips needed. They check your bags going into Disney gates from Downtown. For dinner before the big fireworks show, we hopped on the monorail out of the park (which I heard doesn't run back to the hotel now for non-guests) and found a Wine Bar below one of the restaurants at the Disneyland Hotel near the pool - we ordered appetizers which were kind of small BUT we filled up on free cheeses, crackers and fresh fruits with the bottle of wine we shared and it wasn't a total bust. I was amazed to see stands at Disneyland selling bottled water, fruit, and more healthy-looking products outside of the usual stuff down Main Street. If you plan it right and plan ahead, you can eat inside the park without going bankrupt but those lines will kill ya before the nightly events !

            1. re: JMil

              Gee, we used to call the monorail trip to the hotel bar "visiting Liquorland". Where are you supposed to get drunk at Disneyland now?

              As far as the food goes, yes even the Disney empire is subject to market forces. More healthy food at slightly more reasonable prices is the result of all the competition outside the park. I have a friend who buys annual passes for the family, shows up at opening time on Sundays once or twice a month, rides 3 or 4 rides and leaves before lunchtime. He's not alone and the park has noticed.

      2. re: nooodles

        Ya, I agree with eating at D-land. We have a pass and tend to stay and eat at the park because there is some good Chow Inside Disneyland and IMO the prices are not as nuts as the nearby ballpark or other such places. But when you spend the whole day and night there it is also nice to walk out of the park for a tail-gate lunch(maybe even drive away to eat) just so you can get away from the long lines of people -- a break.

        If you stay and eat maybe try the fried chicken dinner at Plaza Inn. Really enough food for two people but sometimes my wife gets an extra Chicken brest on the side. I think the chicken is a good as Roscoes and when that meal is shared with an exttra slaw and chicken brest I think the total is less than eating at Roscoes. The Corn Dog Truck next to the Plaza Inn has very good corn dogs but that is deep fried corn batter so if you have a gless tummy that's maybe not a good idea. The pulled pork sandwich at the French Market is special and the last time I had one as a early dinner my wife and I shared it (with an extra slaw on the side) because we both had one of those corn dogs as a early lunch. Altogether that was more than enough food that day. We eat "early" at the park meaning before the big lines show-up. Also, the best thing to do is have a good breakfast outside the park before showing up. So maybe post for a good breakfast someplace between home and D-land.

        Mickey Mouse Pancakes (Shaped like MM) & sausage – River Belle Terrace
        Fried Chicken – Plaza Inn located in the hub. Enough food to split for two meals
        Pulled Pork Sandwich – French Market in New Orleans Square.
        Fish, Beef, Gumbo – Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square
        Clam Chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl – Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square.
        Corn dogs – The truck parked next to the Plaza Inn just off Main Street U.S.A

        To get a great sandwich on the way to D-land might be difficult because most sandwich palces open after the park. You might think of getting something the night before and leave it dry (no oil or mayo) so the bread stays good. If Ralph's is on your way and if they are open you might give try it. Soooo many kinds of very good sandwiches at very low prices.

        Ralph's Subs (Sandwiches – Try "The Big Pig” and "Ralph's Favorite”)
        1891 N. Tustin Av
        Orange, CA
        (Tustin Ave. and Taft in the Home Depot center)
        (714) 998-1940
        Closed Sundays.

      3. i recommend just eatting there. the gumbo or clam chowder in a bread bowl at the restaurant above Pirates is about $7 and it's really good. i've eatten at most of the other restaurants in the park and that is by far the best place to eat.
        there are also the juicy turkey legs. you just have to track them down in one of the concession carts. there's a cart in the circle facing the castle. and don't forget to get a huge pickle and some veggie sticks from the market by the jungle cruise.
        hope you have fun!

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          Reality Check

          Marri's Pizza on Harbor and West. Great sandwiches and pizza.

          John's Philly Grill on Harbor and Eucild, a few blocks west of Marri's. Cheesesteaks and hoagies are great.

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            It's Katella and West, and the pizza is delicious.