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Nov 13, 2011 12:10 AM

Myers+Chang Hits It Out of the Park Again

Though we hadn't visited since the summer, we were warmly welcomed back tonight by three different staff, and that just set the tone for the whole terrific experience. We also had the (rare for us)advantage of eating just as dinner service was starting on a fully booked Sat.night. Our server, Alexis, was very food-knowledgeable, friendly , attentive and professional. And our past waitress, the lovely Chelsea, made a point of stopping by and chatting. Amazing Heather at the Bar made 3 perfect drinks that needed no tweaking (HooRAY!) And when there was one small glitch , the manager quickly fixed everything and checked back w/ us a few times during the evening. It makes such a difference to eat at a restaurant where the staff is happy and enjoying what they do. It just fills the spaces w/ good vibes.

In an effort to keep the food delivery a bit more organized this time, we tried a new ordering system for ourselves - flights, so to speak. With only 2 dishes at a time, it worked really well for keeping us focused and the food hot and at its best.

4 Courses, 8 Dishes> 8 Home Runs:

--Coconut Kyuri Squash Soup

--Tea Smoked Duck Salad w/ asian pear, 5 spice peanuts and pickled chanterelles****


-- Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps +

-- Crispy Arctic Char Roll - char wrapped in nori and wonton wrapper, deepfried,

w/ hot chinese mustard sauce****


--Roasted Shiitake Omelet ****

--Wok Charred Udon Noodles w/ chicken, bok choy and oyster sauce


--Wok charred braised Octopus and Sriracha Corn on the Cob

--Tea Smoked Pork Spare Ribs****


**** Our Very Favorite Must Haves/Must Return For

(+- this dish was a lovely unexpected management comp because of grit and shell being in our Razor Clams w/ shrimp butter)

--Red sangria of the day had raspberry+a few other things i can't remember; not at all too sweet

--Lime Sake Ginger Gimlet was perfectly balanced and complemented the food beautifully

--Coconut Rum w/ Lime Juice instead of Limeade- also had perfect balance

What a total treat. For those of you who have been meaning to try it, I hope you'll go soon!

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. Going with a few friends soon - so this is helpful. Any suggestions on vegetarian dishes?

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    1. re: jpcat

      jp, if you do a CH search, there is a long recent thread w/ lots of recommendations. some people really love the hakka eggplant; i have had it both good and disappointing; same w/ the greens.
      there are many veggie options that haven't had, plus, some dishes, like the great wok charred udon noodles, can easily be done veggie. oh yesssssss, see my comment on the shiitake omelet. It is a real revelation.

      1. re: jpcat

        they have a gluten free and veg menu printed, just ask.

        1. re: jpcat

          Dan Dan Noodles and Green Papaya Slaw

        2. Myers + Chang still firing on all 16 cylinders! Every 'favorite' from before- remains a fav. Shiitake Omelet, Tea Smoked Duck Salad (very complex spicy dish), Tea Smoked Ribs, Arctic Char Roll, and 2 new dishes: hot and sour soup (its own unique take, w/ delightful little pork and ginger meatballs) and wok charred brussel sprouts w/ bacon (amazing what that char can do). Lightning fast food delivery; friendly welcoming servers as always. A treat all the way around. I wish every Boston foodie visitor would go there; it is such a consistent pleasure!

          1. Excellent, just saw this after making reservations for this week, was very much planning on ordering several of the dishes you mentioned.

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              yay! now i hope you can get Chelsea for your server. Have a fun time!