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Nov 12, 2011 10:44 PM

Service at Corton

I dined at Corton twice for the last one month period, and I noticed a lot of previous servers were gone and I found many new faces. Unlike my previous dining experiences at Corton, where the servers explained each dish accurately when they served them, these new people did not seem to thoroughly understand the food. They either skipped or gave me wrong explanations about the food.

You know, Corton's menu does not explain each dish in detail. It simply lists up ingredients used for each dish, so the servers' role is very very important.

Unfortunately. I did not know what I was eating and the joy of my dinner was significantly reduced. Has anyone had similar experience at Corton lately?

239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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  1. The most recent experience I had at Corton was earlier this month (on Nov. 2nd), as seen on my blog:

    My main waitress/captain was very detailed explaining to me what's been served and had no issue with me asking her many questions what are the minute parts of the dish.

    The other waiters (as in those who brought out large silver platters displaying to me what will be served soon) sort of mumbled what's is displayed in front of us but generally, my friend and I understood at least the main part of the course.


    239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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      That's good for you!

      When I went there in August, the serice was just as you described. The server was very detailed and professional.

      On my next visits in October and and early November, however, my previous main server was gone and many new faces were seen and they were very sloppy. They either skipped explaining some side dishes or gave us wrong information. For example, they told us one of the dishes was truffle croquette, when it was actually foie gras croquette. And it was not just my server's mistake. According to a friend of mine who happened to dine at a separate table that night, his server also explained it was truffle when my friend thought it was foie gras. And these wrong signs went on and on...

    2. First visit to Corton last night. We too had a difficult time understanding the servers' descriptions of the courses between their accents, mumbling and the noise in the room. But much more troubling were the following three service snafus we experienced/witnessed: (i) Our waiter brought out our cheese course before giving our last savory course of pork. And the mistake would have gone unnoticed had I not said to him, "weren't we supposed to get a pork course?", (ii) I overheard a patron at the table next to us tell his waiter that he has an unusual allergy to matsutake mushrooms. Fast forward a few minutes later and the first course his table receives has matsutake mushrooms in it. I mean, really? He had to hand the portion of his dish containing the mushroom over to his girlfriend and (iii) Already annoyed that we almost lost our pork course, when we finally paid our check and stood to leave, I noticed no one was coming by to offer us the parting gift of some sort of baked good. Again, I had to point it out to our waiter and ask, "do we get one of those?" These kinds of mistakes should not occur when you're paying hundreds of dollars for a meal. And if they do occur, some sort of apologetic gesture like an additional course or an apology from the GM would have helped. On top of this, there were more misses than hits to our food. Would not return.