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Nov 12, 2011 10:43 PM

Best Frozen Pizza

I live in Westchester NY and ten years ago, I could go anywhere within five minutes of where I live and get a quality slice. Now, not so much. There are a few good thin slice places, but you need to buy a pie and sometimes they aren't so great for takeout because they get cold so quickly. I always used to get Tombstone, but they are a little big and pricey for one person. So when I got laid off, I tried a few smaller ones (and cheaper). Surprisingly, Ive found the cheapest one to be the best. Celeste individual pizzas are about $1.25 ($1 when on sale) and to me are a perfect size with a little salad for lunch or dinner. At only 370-420 calories, they are also the best for my waist.

What are some others people like that are good and cost effective?

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  1. There are lots of threads on this topic. Issue tends to be that different people favor different things. Many folks like California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, which are good on ingredients, but people who like pizza to be bulky and very filling can be disappointed. Those who like a lighter pie, though, can be happy.

    In the Midwest here, I like the Home Run Inn line. Those are out of Chicago and are somewhat heavier pies with a distinctive sauce and crust (they are not "Chicago Deep Dish" style, though). Not sure if they're available in your area.

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      Never heard of Home Run....have to keep an eye out for it

    2. Thanks. I so wanted to write about this topic too. It is great that you have posted it. I tried Tombstone. I don't hate it, but I never like it. Like Bada Bing said, this will depend what style of pizza you like. i like DiGiorno. It is consistent, with nice risen bread dough, but you will probably find it to be expensive since you find Tombstone to pricey.

      ShopRite has its Imported frozen pizzas, which are pretty good. They are thin crust:

      1. I'm sure I'm stating the obvious here, but, if being laid off translates into a little more free time at the moment, you could take some of that time and master pizzamaking. With a concerted effort, the right tools and some online help, you could be making better than frozen pizza in a few days and the best pizza you've ever had in a couple months.

        Ever since the cold weather hit, at least one brand of brick mozzarella has been on sale for $2/lb. almost every week. At this price, I can make a 16" cheese pizza for $1.75. And this is without any compromise in quality.

        Be aware, once you start making pizza, you will put on weight. It will be the most enjoyable weight gain of your entire life, though.

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          Not a bad idea. I'm sure I could make a decent one with plenty of toppings for around $3-4 a pop. Living alone, I do want to just have that perfect portion though, so Celeste for $1.25 and a simple salad goes a long way for the pocket and the waist.

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            I live alone and make my own pizza (except I buy the dough frozen for $1 per pound), and I freeze leftovers all the time. Pizza freezes so well and heating it up is a cinch in a skillet on the stove-top.

            Here's the link:


        2. I don't know how cost effective they are, but the margherita from Trader Joe's is really good. Flatbread sells a a really good line of pizzas at Whole Foods which I'm pretty sure doesn't fall in the "cheap" category.

          1. I agree on the celeste pizzas, they're not bad!
            Another one I really like is the Freschetta Simply Inspired pizzas. Nice ingredients and good sauce/chesse ratio. It's a bigger pizza, and I pay $6 something for it. And now I'm about to expose myself as the weirdo I am--I break the thing in half before cooking it. You can wrap the other half in foil, put it back in the freezer and cook it another time. Just let it thaw for a minute or two, whack it down the middle with a big knife, and you can just sort of break it where the knife hit. Voila!--about 3 bucks per serving.
            Best of luck with your work situation.

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              For a frozen pizza Paul Newman has a pretty good one...But you can always buy some pizza dough, I've bought some from stop n shop and trader joe's over the years and just add your own toppings. In a pinch it' not bad, I use a pizza stone which really helps with the crust and another key is don't use to much sauce.