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Nov 12, 2011 09:46 PM

Dinner for 16 in King City

Does anyone have any suggestions for a place in King City that has good food and can handle a group of about 16?

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  1. Hate to see any question go unanswered but I think you stumped the house with this one. Did a quick search on Yelp and Guadalajara garnered most positive reviews, but whether they can handle 16 remains to be seen. (0r four groups of four? ;-)) Let us know what you come up with.

    1. There used to be dinner house at the north end of Broadway, near El Lugarcito. Have no personal experience with it though. The Vineyards or some such name?

      **looks like it's gone according to google photos.

      Maybe a drive into Salinas is in order? or down to Paso Robles?

      1. call a local business, ask them where they take clients to dinner...

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          Uhhh, local businesses in King City that would have more than 16 clients to take to dinner??? My mind boggles at the possibilities. Maybe one could rent out the empty space in the Starbuck's/Subway MiniMall and have something catered. But agree, a call to a local realtor might come up with something. Good suggestion.