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Nov 12, 2011 09:45 PM

Anyone have an opinion on what the King of All Potato peelers might be?

Peeled a zucchini to day to go into a vegie pasta sauce and the peeler I use is good; it idid the job, several years old and still sharp, and had a reasonably ergonomic handle even for a left hander like me, but it did get me wondering:

Is there a holy grail of vegetable peelers out there?

Any nominations gladly accepted.


James, Western Australia

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  1. Don't know if it's the "king", but I really like my Kyocera ceramic vegetable peeler. Stays sharp forever, never get rusty or nasty, easy (and safe) to use, cheap. Also, it's symmetrical, so works just as well for lefties. (BTW, the little loops on the side are for removing the eyes of potatoes. They work great.)

    1. Without a doubt, swissmar peeler. Industry standard. Doesn't get any better for an inexpensive reliable peeler.

      Just a note, when they say scalpel sharp they mean it :P I was in the weeds at work a week ago and peeling a sweet potato recklessly fast and peeled through my thumbnail and the tip of my thumb off, not a pleasant feeling to say the least. Don't let that deter you from this peeler, however, that was user error :P

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      1. re: TeRReT

        Absolutely. I love the shorter, wider handle and find it way more user friendly than the shape of the Kyocera handle.

        1. re: TeRReT

          Another voice for Swissmar, I've used their original stainless version for many, many years, the single most realiable and effective kitchen tool I own.

        2. I don't care for Y-peelers, so I have the Oxo Good Grips peeler:

          I've had it for years -- it's easy to use, even with wet hands and stays sharp forever.

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          1. re: sunshine842

            +1 for THAT exact OXO. I also have another OXO that is just a bit different and while it's good, I don't like it as much as the one you linked.

            1. re: splatgirl

              That is my favourite too. I also have a serrated Kuhn Rikkon that I like

            2. re: sunshine842

              Another vote for the Oxo peeler. That's what I've used for years and years.
              I can't figure out how to use the Y peelers. Maybe it's because I'm left handed....

              1. re: jmcarthur8

                I'm severely right-handed, and I could never quite get the hang of a y-peeler either....don't feel bad.

                  1. re: sunshine842

                    It is weird. I have been a straighter peeler user for most of my life. So when I was given the opportunity to use a Y-peeler, it was very strange, and it took me months before I get the hang of it.

              2. I have a Y-peeler (also known as T-peeler) as well. Ok, I have both a Y-peeler and a straight peeler. I got my Y-peeler because I was reviewing the product. Personally, I grew up with a straight peeler. Ultimately, the "King of All Potato peelers" will depend on your style.

                1. Kuhn Rikon original Y peeler hands down. Working in a large kitchen I sometimes prep more in a day than most folks do in a year. The Kuhn Rikon is the real deal and only about $5 or 3 for $10.


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                  1. re: bbqJohn

                    ditto! Love those little things! All the cooks in my family are getting one in their stockings.

                    1. re: overthinkit

                      swissmar is more readily available here, but kuhn rikon would easily be equal in my books, I have used both and own both but forgot the kuhn rikon name :P

                      1. re: TeRReT

                        +1 on the Kuhn Rikon. My mum packed me off to college with one and I've gone through more than one trash can to rescue it when it's accidently been thrown out. I love it way too much for a kitchen implement.

                        I bought one of the kyocera ones but I just can't get on with it -t he swivel head swivels too much for me to get a grip on anything.

                        1. re: serah

                          Another vote for the Kuhn Rikon.At work it goes through everything(hard squash,potatoes etc)like butta...