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Anyone know where to find decorative oil dispensers in Calgary?

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Seems a bit random, but I need one of these and although it seems simple. they are IMPOSSIBLE to find (how do people pour their oil around here???).

I want something exactly like this:


I have found cheapo ones with plastic caps around, but no nice looking, quality ones with metal spouts. I have checked all the major places (home outfitters, winners, etc) with no luck.

I'm hoping people on here that frequent specialty kitchen stores might have noticed one somewhere...

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  1. The Bay has http://www.thebay.com/eng/home-kitche... from Maxwell Williams
    Otherwise Bed Bath and Beyond is where I'd suggest-they carry a line called Tablecraft. The cruets are plain glass --if I remember correctly the spouts are metal. I think they also carry the one you linked--or at least similar. Homesense carries Tablecraft too but they don't always have it in stock.

    Hope that helps :)

    1. Mr. Cappuccino in Calgary has the traditional Italian oil dispensers in .75l and 1l sizes

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          I bought them years ago as a gift at Lina's. Can't remember what they looked like, but they had metal spouts and were of good quality.

        2. I seem to remember a store at the Calgary Farmer's Market (old site) that carried unique, recycled, hand painted / designed bottles...

          A good metal spout is also extremely cheap and easy to find.

          I simply fashion my own with whatever bottle suits my fancy for the time ... i'm on an old pop bottle theme right now :-)

          1. I bought bottles like this at Home Sense. They had metal caps too but maybe not the quality you want. Metal caps could be purchased at bar supply places online. I saw some hand painted bottles at a booth in the new Calgary Farmers Market. Again, better caps may need to be purchased separately. I use these bottles for mouthwash in my bathrooms! People always ask "what's the blue stuff?".

            1. "how do people pour their oil around here???"

              Speaking only for myself, I pour it out of the bottle it came in, and I haven't found the need for a spout. But if you want a spout, you can get metal speed pour spouts for around a buck or less from restaurant supply places like Russell (it's just west of Blackfoot and 53rd but I'm sure they all have them). The spout is metal but the part that fits in the bottle neck is always plastic or rubber, otherwise it doesn't seal properly. A wine bottle with a spout would work well if you buy bulk oil and need a dispenser, some bottles are really decorative.

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                I think you are missing out! A nice bottle makes drizzling oil over something a breeze and you have direct control over how much oil you are pouring. Plus sometimes I buy oil in tins (I cook a lot) and need a serving device for it. Plus it looks cool on your kitchen counter (if you can find a nice one, which is my primary problem at the moment). But thanks for the tip, I might go the wine bottle route.

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                  You're probably right, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for an empty bottle no matter how nice it looks! Saving nice bottles is a different matter, I have lots of Grolsch beer bottles with the ceramic stoppers that I intended to use for salad dressings (but never did) and Perrier Jouet champagne bottles that I just couldn't take to the bottle depot because they were so pretty (so they're collecting dust in the basement).