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Nov 12, 2011 09:15 PM

NEW: Joey & Pat's Italian Bakery & Cafe, SF report w/ pics

Went to Joey & Pat's Italian Bakery & Cafe because I read about it on Yelp. It's on Folsom & 21st across from a Playground & Laundrymat.

The lady told me the baker Joey makes everything fresh that day, he worked at Stella's Bakery & other places.

I got a few things:

Chocolate chip macaroons - light & airy, very sweet. I thought ok.
Blueberry macaroon - too perfumy, skip it.
Almond torte $2.25 slice - will try maybe tomorrow
Princess cake slice - price $3ish Taste good, I got a sample
Some pinenut cookies - I love them

My total was $9.30. Minimum charge for using credit card is $10, but she let me use it-very nice.

One unisex bathroom. Several tables to sit & enjoy your desserts.

M-Sat 6:30-6
Sun 6:30-5

Joey & Pat's Italian Bakery & Cafe
2499 Folsom St, SF

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  1. i live right near this place so i was obviously curious - general first impression is that while there's very little there that a very good home baker couldn't make, everything still tastes good and is very reasonably priced