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Nov 12, 2011 09:02 PM

Missouri KC to Springfield

We probably have KC covered but anything good along Hwy 7 or 13 on the way to Springfield? We would detour for something good. Also anything new or especially good in Springfield?

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  1. I had an excellent dinner at Nonna's in downtown Springfield. I was blown away at the number of small cafes, bistros and a stores in downtown. It was the first time I had been there in about 9 years, talk about a huge turnaround. There was lots of foot traffic and parking was definitely a premium. I want to do some more exploring in that area.

    1. This is probably late but Koehn's bakery and sub shop in Butler is a great local place with great, fresh-tasting sandwiches.

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        tiomano...tell me more! I have had SO little luck in finding good places to eat in Springfield...I like Pizza House and The Grotto, (heck I even like cashew chicken) but I've yet to find something that I love...

      2. Sorry I'm late to this, but in Springfield try the Metropolitan Grill on E Battlefield. Not groundbreaking, but I had a good meal there.