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Nov 12, 2011 07:02 PM

Thatchers Cucumber - Organic Artisan Liqueur

Bought this in the Twin Cities with great hopes. I just had some of it and it had a nice cucumber essence, but it was cloyingly sweet.

It made me think of the differences in terminology of "schnapps" in Germany vs. and American verson of "schnapps." The Americans make things so sweet.

This my first time on the Spirits part of CH so I don't know if this issue has been discussed before.

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  1. I'll jump on your bandwagon. So many ingredients are so over-sweetened as to be undrinkable straight and difficult to mix with because they require so much acid to balance them.

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      I actually love Thatcher's..given the amount of sugar in Ste Germain, I find Thatcher's to balance my cocktail out perfectly. Your right EvergreenDan, there is way to much sugar in liqueurs and I have found with Thatcher's in any of the flavors it is balanced pretty well and its USDA certified Organic, so you know there is nothing artificial added! I found it in Whole Foods in Chicago..