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Nov 12, 2011 04:46 PM

LobsterQ not so great

I was disappointed. I had read up a bit looking for places with decent BBQ, and this was surprisingly cropping up, so we went and ordered two platters ($13.99 each), one rib platter and one pulled pork platter.

I was concerned when the waitress was unsure if they had sold out of ribs (it was a Saturday) and then came back and said, "oh good, they've just taken some out of the steamer". The steamer? This is supposed to be wood-smoked dry rub, at least that's what I thought they said.

Both portions were underwhelming (4 ribs, 1.5 cups pulled pork maybe), but the pulled pork was especially disappointing. The steamer was obvious because the pulled pork, aside from having little flavor, was wet. The ribs were much better, but also a bit wet. I could live with the ribs, but the pulled pork was an absolute waste of money.

Other little things good and bad - cornbread was delicious. I normally don't even bother with cornbread, but this stuff was great. Service sucked, on the other hand.

On the way out, the owner asked how we liked it, and I said that I didn't like the pulled pork, I thought it was very wet. He said yes, it is wet, but you know what? Our ribs are A-One. Like he knows the pork was bad. He said "but you have to agree, they're not sauced up". That's true, they're not. That's great, or would be, except that they were flavorless. And wet does not equate to juicy. Juicy would be fine. Dry from the smoker would be fine, but these were water-wet, from the steamer.

Multiple times he oddly (as if trying to convince himself) referred to himself as "a barbecue guy" but seemed more than willing to throw his pulled pork under the bus, and try to move my attention to his ribs. I said I wasn't complaining about the ribs, it was the pulled pork I didn't like, and I was thinking, if he's so aware that the pulled pork sucks, why is it on the menu?

I don't think I'm going back. Sad, one of life's little disappointments.

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  1. Try Googie Cole's BBW in Brentwood, NH. Not too far from LobsterQ, and closer to what you'd expect to find in a BBQ place in Texas.

    (I recently went on a quest to find some "good NH BBQ" and Goodie Cole's was pretty much on the top...)


    1. Everytime I see/hear this place mentioned, it makes me wonder what a smoked lobster would taste like.

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      1. re: LStaff

        The traditional shore dinner, done over coals and covered w/ seaweed, does have a smokey flavor, which can be enhanced w/ using commercial wood chips. I do smoke lobsters on my Brinkman and they turn out tender and delicious w/out an over whelming smokey flavor.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Do you smoke them in the shell? What temp, and how long?

          1. re: LStaff

            Yes, in the shell, about 230, for 45 min. They thrash about for a while so hold the lid on tight. I use apple chips from the tree behind the house, very mild.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Wow - what a neat idea. Will have to try that some time. I have one of those ceramic smokers ---- the lid is very heavy so there's no way the bugs will escape.

      2. I just don't think I could try a place with such a name....

        Anyway, if you are ever near Sturbridge, MA make sure to try BTs Smokehouse.