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Nov 12, 2011 04:06 PM

Need a T'giving potluck dessert that doesn't require baking

I've searched, but haven't found much to help me on this one.
Our annual T'giving lunch at work is next week. In past years, it has been 100% potluck, except for the turkey, potatoes and gravy. Everybody always ask that I bring my cornbread dressing. Last year, I also took a pumpkin cake roll that was a big hit. This year, it is 100% catered, except for dessert.

As one of the few employees who actually cook, I'd like to contribute something. However, my ovens are kerplunkt, due to be replaced next week, but not in time for this.

So, I need a good dessert that does not require an oven and can be made the night before.
I have a LOT of frozen GA peaches I'd like to use. And, I just made a big batch of really good caramel sauce. What could I do with those? Or any other ideas???

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  1. Ask the caterers to bring vanilla ice cream and top with the peaches and caramel. Otherwise cookies -- those bars that just require assembling.

    Another reason I HATE work potlucks.

    1. Crepes. And ice cream if you have a machine.

        1. Buy pre-made mini croustades at the grocery store and fill them with mascarpone cheese mixed with some of your caramel sauce. Top with some chopped peaches and drizzle with a bit more caramel sauce.

          1. peach mousse with gingersnaps?