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Need a T'giving potluck dessert that doesn't require baking

I've searched, but haven't found much to help me on this one.
Our annual T'giving lunch at work is next week. In past years, it has been 100% potluck, except for the turkey, potatoes and gravy. Everybody always ask that I bring my cornbread dressing. Last year, I also took a pumpkin cake roll that was a big hit. This year, it is 100% catered, except for dessert.

As one of the few employees who actually cook, I'd like to contribute something. However, my ovens are kerplunkt, due to be replaced next week, but not in time for this.

So, I need a good dessert that does not require an oven and can be made the night before.
I have a LOT of frozen GA peaches I'd like to use. And, I just made a big batch of really good caramel sauce. What could I do with those? Or any other ideas???

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  1. Ask the caterers to bring vanilla ice cream and top with the peaches and caramel. Otherwise cookies -- those bars that just require assembling.

    Another reason I HATE work potlucks.

    1. Crepes. And ice cream if you have a machine.

        1. Buy pre-made mini croustades at the grocery store and fill them with mascarpone cheese mixed with some of your caramel sauce. Top with some chopped peaches and drizzle with a bit more caramel sauce.

          1. peach mousse with gingersnaps?

            1. trifle with store bought pound cake

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                I was thinking trifle, too, but with ginger snaps.

              2. Do you have a crock pot? That would make a great bread pudding w/ the peaches and caramel sauce. And it would be easy to bring to the potluck, too.

                You could also do a canary pudding,like this but vary it for the peaches:


                You can also put cookie dough into either a waffle maker, panini press grill, if you have any of those. It makes a crispy exterior, chewy inside, just a perfect ratio. It takes about 2 minutes per cookie.

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                  I'm going to give the bread pudding a test run later today. Sounds like the perfect solution.

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                    now chowser, ya gotta tell me more about this cookie waffle idea of yours! there are a million diff kinds of cookies>> what kinds have you tried before for this? and what about choc chips as an element?thanks much; what a novel idea!

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                      I keep the NYT chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator for a few days so when I have a craving, I make a couple of dough balls and pop them in. It takes a couple of minutes but I had to play around w/ timing and how much to push down. I took the idea from this:


                      And, there's a place near me that does a flourless chocolate waffle so thought I'd try that, too. It's easier because w/ the panini press, if you're not careful, the dough can come out the sides. The cookies are so good--crispy on top and bottom and chewy in the middle. The site said to press them for 8 minutes. I don't know if mine is extra hot but it's about 2 minutes for mine.

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                        It just occurred to me that there could be a market for a dessert place like this--you could have cookie dough in containers, ready to press. Two minutes later, hot cookies to order, and you could mix dough. Much better than cupcakes! Plus, the shelf life of cookie dough is much longer than cookies.

                    1. Take good vanilla ice cream or yogurt. Let soften. Then fold in canned pumpkin and some cinnamon. (I've done this with a high proportion of pumpkin to ice cream to make a kind of a low fat dessert but you can do it to taste. Maybe half and half pumpkin to ice cream or less.) Then refreeze. Serve with your caramel sauce. It would be absolutely fantastic with that and you'd be able to incorporate pumpkin in a different way. Top some nuts too if you want to add one more element.

                      1. You could do a Peach Charlotte served with Caramel Sauce....

                        1. Good old dream pie in a store bought graham cracker pie crust. This is my favorite Thanksgiving pie (I know, heresy). But no cooking involved, just a lot of mixing. If you are unfamiliar with this pie, get a box of dream whip and the recipe will be on the package.

                          1. Google the words "Triple Chocolate Mess". It's a dessert that you make in the slow cooker.