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Nov 12, 2011 04:02 PM

I bake because?

180 degrees from Rella's post:

I bake because I find the process so interesting and the endless variations fascinating.
I bake because a homemade cookie, a cupcake, a pie or a piece of cake seem to make most people really happy.
I bake because my husband does so much of the cooking, that this has become my speciality over the years.
I bake because I have a teenaged son and he has lots of friends who make short work of my latest creation.
Mostly, I bake because I love it!

Why do YOU bake?

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  1. I am going to copy and paste from Rella's post because my post actually work for both topic.

    I will try to answer as best as I can.

    I bake. Sometime once per week. Sometime once per month. I bake for fun. I don't bake for necessity. This is very different from my cooking. I cook because I really eat the foods I cook and I rather eat my cooked food than eating out (averagely speaking). When I cook, I save money, and I have better control of what I eat.

    I bake for fun. I want to see if I can get close to the professional bakery results. When I do bake, I usually only eat a few pieces of my baked goods and take the rest to work to share with coworkers. Unlike cooking, I don't save money by baking. It is much cheaper for me if I just buy a loaf of bread or a box of cookies from stores.

    In short, I bake, but I don't have to.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      I suppose it's a hobby for us. I also like to see how I do relative to what bakeries produce, and I think you'll agree that homemade can top all but the finest bakeries!

    2. Because it's warm by the oven.

      Because it makes people tell me they love me.

      Because it's delicious.

      1. Same answer I gave to Rella:

        I bake because I come from a long line of professional bakers and not baking just wasn't an option. I learned to love it and I learned to carve a professional life from it. My husband and children all grew up with freshly made breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies...well you get the picture. When dh & I started our family we never bought these things. Even school lunches, always baked by me. Today, our youngest child is in college and he is a fine cookie maker but lacks the he'll bake maybe once a week and I send care packages. But as a family we enjoy baking, what other people bake and naturally have found the professional services of others delightful :) even the baker likes a day off!

        And fwiw, I love it when people bake for me or send me baked gifts. So dear friends, keep doing it!

        1. As other baking fanatics have said, I'm copying my post from Rella's topic:

          I bake because:

          -It satisfies my schizophrenic (half math, half art) brain by being both creative and precise
          -We like baked goods, but we want them without chemicals and excess sugar
          -People enjoy the results
          -It is a (relatively) inexpensive hobby

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          1. re: sandylc

            I really relate to this answer, all of the points. I find something about the precision of baking rewarding, especially when that precision is applied to both the process and the presentation. I love to cook all types of food, but there is nothing very exacting about putting together a stew.

          2. You know..... I am so expecting someone to answer the topic with something like:

            I bake because I am.
            (I think, therefore I am)


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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              But that's putting Descartes before de oven...

                1. re: roxlet

                  I'm working on my serious answer.