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Nov 12, 2011 03:35 PM

Ubon; Wilmington, DE

Visited Ubon tonite in Wilmington, DE......Basically - delicious!! Food was very fresh, vegetables crispy and service very friendly, tho slightly slow.

Starters were: the Penang meatballs....good spice, flavorful - saved most to take home! Also got the Golden Vegetables - batter was very light and the vegetables were tasty.

Mains were: the Ubon fried rice with shrimp, the Pad Thai with chicken & the Green curry with shrimp. The Green curry was fragrant, sweet and finished spicy; veggies were fresh. Thought the fried rice & Pad Thai could have used some sort of sauce even if on the side. Although slightly dry - the flavor was still there & the food was delicious! Got lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

Manager/owner was very friendly & so was all the staff. Felt tho they could have used a few lighter beers on draft in addition to Stella Artois. Other options were the Twin Lakes Pale Ale, an IPA and a golden ale - while all good, felt a few lighter options would have been good. Tho, they have many options in bottled beers.

Saw Larb & Tom Yum soup on the menu - will definitely try that next time!!

Twin Lakes
9772 Center St, Manassas, VA 20110

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  1. We ate there Friday night and I thought it was OK, not great, but worth returning. The menu is pretty limited, and no specials. We had the combination plate of appetizers to start: a good spring roll (deep-fried though, which is not my favorite), a couple of grilled chicken wings (very good, a nice marinade), two dumplings (really sub-par, dried out and not too flavorful), and shrimp wrapped in wonton skins and deep-fried (OK but no interesting flavors). Out of all that I'd probably re-order just the chicken wings. For our main courses, I got the green curry with chicken (good, though a bit lacking in variety of vegetables with just green beans and lotus root, and very hot since I asked for 4 on a scale of 5). Mr. travelmad478 had the Penang meatballs (a starter which was enormous, a big bowl of rice with quite a few meatballs on it) and the flank steak salad. I didn't try either of those, but he liked them and had enough leftovers to take home and eat for lunch the next day. The one thing I really liked was the fact that the restaurant serves sticky rice, which I asked for with my green curry. You don't find that at every place and I love it.

    The desserts looked great but we were stuffed and didn't have room for time. I also want to try the tom kar soup and a few of the other entrees. None of the entrees really leaped out at me, but I'll give them a shot.

    Service was good and friendly. The owners/managers were walking around and talking to most tables, a good sign.

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      TM - good to know about the appetizer combo as I had been considering it and was interested in trying the chicken wings eventually. My green curry had green beans, red bell pepper & what I thought were bamboo shoots but could be the lotus root. I agree it could have used more veggies.

      1. re: jenscats5

        You're right, it was bamboo shoots. I had a brain malfunction there. I think mine had some red bell pepper, but not enough to make an impression on me, clearly! It did have a lot of dried red chilies, which made a very strong impression :-)

          1. re: kmcdonne

            Down on the Riverfront right next to Timothy's......

            1. re: kmcdonne

              Ubon is located on the Wilmington Riverfront at the old Shipyard Shops.

              The address is 936 S Justison St Wilmington, DE 19801


              936 S Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801