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Nov 12, 2011 02:18 PM

Use for leftover breadcrumbs: panko and parmesan?


I made pork milanese last night with a basic panko/parmesan blend. However, I think I have more leftover breadcrumbs than I used to coat the meat!

Any suggestions on how to use it up quickly? I think there may be a little leftover egg in the mix (I tried to pick out as much as possible). I'd like to get rid over it before the end of the weekend.

I'd also like to use them with a veggie dish if possible (I try to limit meat to once a week and the pork milanese was this week!). Any suggestions?

  1. How about mixing it into an egg scramble or omelet?

    1. I've been using leftover panko crumbs tossed with grated parmesan and crushed garlic to top potato and chard or artichoke hearts, or mustard green pannades.