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Nov 12, 2011 02:00 PM

Bacon By The Slab In Los Angeles?

Where can I purchase slab bacon in the west Los Angeles, Westchester or S. Bay area? Any suggestions?

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  1. I always buy it at Vicente Foods

    1. Schreiner's in Montrose has it that way by the pound. It's usually very good; not dry-cured, nor as kick-a** flavorful as Nueske's, but generally much better than Niman Ranch used to be at a friendlier price. About $4/lb. My last order, though, must have been picked "green" - it was soggy and undercured. From now on I will ask to inspect it before I buy.

      Sorry, I only just noticed you asked for locations in the Far West. But if you ever get to Glendale …

      1. Whole Foods or Bristol Farms.