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Nov 12, 2011 01:49 PM

Tango now Pond House - Glastonbury, CT

I'm surprised that I haven't seen this posted on Chowhound since it seems it was a done deal in December of 2010, but the Pond House of Elizabeth Park in Hartford has opened the Pond House Grille in the former Tango location in Glastonbury. If you have tried it, please share your experience.

Pond House
Hartford, Hartford, CT

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  1. Meh. I wish them well, as a "fine dining" establishment with reasonable corkage is always welcomed, (as opposed to a hole-in-the-wall, which is fine too, but we need more nicer restaurants in CT to embrace the practice). But our meals were just OK and the service fell well below the standards of a $25 per entree restaurant. Every course that came out was plated in front of the wrong diner. The server would ask: "who had the calamari?", while holding a Caesar salad, when, in fact, no one had ordered calamari. Is the training so bad that the server cannot distinguish a Caesar salad from calamari? The lamb shank was fine, but the onion rings served with it were inedible. Pounds of tasteless batter caked on to each ring. My daughter enjoyed her duck, but the starch on the side tasted of sweet pumpkin pie filling. Far too sweet to accompany a main course. The cioppino had no shellfish whatsoever. Just chunks of white fish in a broth finished with what appeared to be some cream. Not terrible. But not what one would expect when ordering a dish that is rather iconic in preparation. All in all, I thought that we were paying Max or Bricco pricing for food that was much more "homestyle" than we would have preferred. And I really expect more professional service when I am spending $40 per person for a meal. Not diner-style service, which is what we received. Three times the water server poured (or tried to pour before we stopped him) still water into our glasses half filled with S. Pellegrino sparkling. And the first time it happened while we were engaged in coversation and couldn't stop him, no offer was made to comp us a new bottle of sparkling water. Instead, the server simply said: "would you like to drink this water, or would you like another bottle of Pellegrino." I was astonished when bottle #2 showed up on our bill. Things like this are simply unforgivable in a place that is trying to establish a reputation as a step above "family cuisine". Not sure what will compel me to return, other than my own self-interest in seeing businesses in my town succeed as opposed to seing "For Lease" signs linger for years on end.

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      Maybe the location is jinxed. Lots of sad history here

    2. Bumping this thread after reading an article about it in yesterday's food section in the Courant. Quite frankly, I forgot that it was even there. After an awful dining experience at Tango, I avert my eyes from the building as I drive by. Has anyone been there recently?

      1. Anyone been lately? Thoughts? Thanks.