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Nov 12, 2011 01:43 PM

2011 Dungeness Crab

I usually try to get mine right off the boats at pillar point. Any word on crab prices this year? Who is your go to boat at pillar point for crab?

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  1. Ranch 99. But they were out.

    1. They are not selling from Pillar Point yet. Commercial season doesn't start unti the 15th. But a couple of hobby fisherman gace us two crabs a couple of days ago and they were delicious! So there are some good crabs to look forward to.

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      1. re: artychokeasana

        I just talked to Whole foods also, they told me not to expect anything until the 17th. I cant wait!

        1. re: artychokeasana

          Last year we got a cooler full of crab at 2.50/lb right off the boat. Hope the prices are around the same price. Maybe after the Thanksgiving rush they will come down to that price. I haven't heard if they have set a wholesale price yet or not.

          1. re: hawaii92

            You might get that off the boat, but your going to pay about $5.95/lb retail. Pretty much the cheapest Ive ever seen outside of going to HMB docks in 4.95/lb.

            1. re: techindahaus

              I had some nice crabs on Thursday. What a treat. The sport season is one of the best this year. Commercial season opens Tuesday. Last year I was paying $ 5.00 a crab off one of the boats in Santa Cruz. Hope this year is the same.

              1. re: techindahaus

                Huh? Last year Oakland Chinatown had local crabs at $1.49/lb early in the season, and $199-$2.99 is pretty typical ayt most asian seafood markets. I do not think I have ever paid more than $3.99/lb.

                1. re: Civil Bear

                  I'm skeptical that any retailer sold legally caught local crabs for under $2 last year.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    After Thanksgiving I've seen $2.99 on a regular if not always basis. I have heard of $1.99 in Oakland Chinatown as an infrequent/one time special, as reported here.

                    1. re: ML8000

                      I was responding to $1.99 as being in the "pretty typical" range for local crab in Asian seafood markets.

          2. Part of me wants to give out the name of my go-to boat at Pillar Point to give them more business, part of me wants to keep the name of said boat away from the ravenous vultures here who will wipe out my supply lol

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            1. re: Bunson

              I went out on a charter boat for rockfish & crab on Saturday out of Emeryville. The crab are abundant and were averaging 25-30 crab per pot. Most were in the 2-pound class.

              1. re: baron45

                Yes, it is looking good. We were able to retrieve 30 jumbos for the three of us with just pulling two pots yesterday. They were plump and sweet!

              2. re: Bunson

                Yeah I know what you mean. I've actually bought crab from a few boats over the years and they have all been very friendly, helpful and had excellent crab you just can't go wrong at HMB. I'm hoping the prices are good this year

              3. Looks like we have a delay as of this morning - see article in the SF Chronicle article:


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                1. re: RWCFoodie

                  I couldn't get that link to work. What was the delay?

                  1. re: techindahaus

                    a dispute over the wholesale contract price. Fishermen want 2.50/lb processers want closer to 1.75/lb

                    1. re: hawaii92

                      I called my boat yesterday and they were at the dock ready for midnight to hit to go out, but they mentioned the wholesale price issue that the boats were trying to work out that could delay going out; also the weather the next few days is going to be rough with some really rocky seas. I guess I'll check back on Friday to see where things stand.

                    2. re: techindahaus

                      It's the traditional hold-up over the wholesale price. Happens almost every year.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        But the local CBS new report said that according to the fishmermen the crabs are excellent quality this year.

                          1. re: Civil Bear

                            The one facing the camera on the right looks a bit small.

                            1. re: wolfe

                              LOL, I'm sure he went back for for some more conditioning...

                  2. A co-worker brought in 20 pounds yesterday as his next-door-neighbor is a commercial fisherman and the size and flavor were AMAZING.