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Nov 12, 2011 12:41 PM

Cape bay Scallops and Lobster meat at Joe's Fish & Lobster

Go there now people! Fresh cooked lobster meat for only $25 per pound. And the early reports from the start of the bay scallop season is that they are plentiful and widespread. Unlike last years catch which never sold below the $30 mark all season, this season's catch a starting out at only $20 per pound. Yummmmmm...sweet bay scallops and lobster casserole tonight!

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  1. $20 a pound for scallies is a deal! The Nantucket Bays are also $20/pound out here on Nantucket, and they were $25/pound at Chatham Fish when I stopped in last week. Mmmmm...they are good!

    1. "only $25 per pound".......too high for me. I know their seafood is very fresh but pricey.

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        Chatham Fish at Ring Brothers has them for 19.99 a pound. Will saute them in garlic with spinach and mushrooms. Bought Dreaming Tree is lit, football...

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          Lobster meat at $25 is a super bargain. It's not unusual to see it at other markets at twice the price. Keep in mind it takes about 4-5 chix to yeild a pound of meat. You need to revisit Joe's, no one else on the Cape is cheaper, or fresher for that matter.

          Sauteed in a HOT pan quickly, so they carmelize somewhat, is my preferred method, too. I add only a bit of butter, lemon, a small splash of white wine and dash of white pepper. To me, garlic overpowers the sweet delicacy of the scallop, and I'm a BIG fan of garlic (I'd load it up in the spinach and mushrooms)!

          I cooked ours up last night and it was pure heaven. Enjoy yours!!

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            where is Joe's? I need to bring some down to Bonaire this weekend for a friend...

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              It's right on the canal in Sandwich. Head to the Sandwich Marina/coast Guard station/ or power plant and you can't miss it. Actually, maybe a better landmark is Aqua Grill or Seafood Sams. It's right across the street.

        2. I grew up in Sandwich and heartily recommend Joe's as well.

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            Damn! We just drove home today from our long weekend in Eastham and were hoping to to pick up some lobster meat to bring home ( about 350 mile drive inland ) and we drove through Sandwich. Is Joe's right off Rte 6 or 6A ? Mac's in Eastham has the meat for $34/lb. but are closed on Mondays. Is Joe's open on Mondays as we normally travel home on that day.

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              Joe's is open on Mondays. It's close to 6A. If you are heading off Cape on 6A you take a right at the fork at the second set of lights in Sandwich (Shank Painter Road) . About 1/3 mile on the right is a sign for the Canal Visitors Center and Sandwich Marina. Follow the signs and Joes is right at the edge of the canal between the two. Can't miss it.

              Prices do change. I've seen lobster meat there from a high of $39.99 to a low of $24.99. Overall, their seafood selection, quality, and pricing is unmatched.