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Crepes in Little Burgundy

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Crepes, such a finicky repast to get right. Spanel does it right, and how. The quality of the food is top drawer. Bechamel sauce can be the downfall of many a dish but theirs was about as perfect as it gets. The chef is from Breton and brings an authentic touch that has been sorely lacking in Montreal. Finding Far Breton on the menu was an unexpected treat. The crèpes salées feature a mix of flours that it just what the dishes call for. A complete surprise was the side salad. He makes his vinagrette with a secret ingredient (I won't give it away-try to figure it out) and the salad is tossed with it just before service. It looked to be a bit much but it is incredibly light and allowed the flavour of the greens to come through. The real 'oh wow' moment though was the Crème de citron dessert crepe. He makes his own lemon cream and it is worth every penny and every delicious bite. This place is very new (only open 9 weeks as of November 9th) and they're mostly busy at noon and for brunch. They are looking to have more people in the evenings and hopefully they will be able to expand their evening menu beyond crepes to attract a wider clientele base. At time of writing their wine list is North American (more surprises) but the prices are amazingly affordable. If you are in the mood for crepes I definitely recommend giving them a try.

1960 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

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  1. Thanks for the review, it sounds interesting! I found their website
    however, be warned, whilst it has the relevant information, the background image is pretty bad and it seems to make Firefox hang everytime I click on a new section (as an aside - when oh when will restaurants figure out the website game!)

    1. Went to Spanel today for brunch with a friend. Had the Quimper and the Tatin crepes. Both were delicious! The mix of flour Emeraldblack talks about is 75% buckwheat and 25% whole wheat, which gives the crepes great taste without being heavy. Both the owner and our waiter were efficient and very friendly. They have two rooms and the one in the back is quiet and homey. I will go back for sure!

      1960 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA